Music Video Matcher iOS App: Find Related Videos for your iPhone/iPad Music Library

You have a bunch of music on your iPhone and you want to find related music videos for some of it. The usual way of doing this would be to fire up the YouTube or any other video app and search.

But one new app wants to make it faster. Music Video Matcher is an iPhone/iPad app that makes life a little easy for the few of us that like to watch music videos of our favorite songs without doing a lot of work. And it’s a little more than just that, which makes us write about it today.

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Music Video Matcher iOS App

Basically, a Music Video Finder
Music Video Matcher is – basically – an app that reads your iTunes music library and searches YouTube and Vimeo for videos related to the tracks. So, when you listen to a song and want to watch its video, here’s Music Video Matcher ready with that content. The built-in player does justice.

Music Video Matcher iPhone App Review

The sort/filters are great too. Look at videos just from YouTube, Vimeo or your local video library too. It’s good that in trying to scour YouTube and Vimeo, the app doesn’t forget to look at your own local video library.

I like the way that the app tries to get things sorted artist wise but if your library is pretty scattered, that can be a little daunting/cluttered. Nevertheless, it does a very good job of keeping things very accessible.

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Find Music Videos of Your iTunes Library on iPhone with Music Video Matcher

Build Video Collections Just Like That
But that’s not all. Although marketed as a Music Video matcher that takes its cue from your library, the app actually lets you build collections of artists and albums right within. That add button lets you add artists’ names and the app will automatically populate and build a list of videos for that particular artists. The collections are from YouTube, Vimeo and your local videos (with each tile showing an icon of where the video is). iTunes is integrated too so I think your purchases should show up here. (not tested). And most notably, iTunes Store results are also included.

Other additional features include AirPlay streaming videos to your Apple TV right from within the app (iOS 7) and favorites.

Best of all, Music Video Matcher is free and comes with no ads.

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Download Music Video Matcher

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