Folks that have used Zephyr on iPhone know how it makes switching between apps easy and swift. Unfortunately, it's not updated for iOS 7 and therefore won't run. But thanks to another tweak, you can replicate most of those gesture-based actions.

Multitasking Gestures is a new tweak that works very similarly to Zephyr. With the tweak installed, you can switch between apps with left-right swipe and you can also quit apps by swiping them up. Here's more about the tweak and some troubleshooting red-flags which you should know about if you use a lot of other tweaks.

Multitasking Gestures Cydia Tweak

Multitasking Gestures gives some core app switching and closing functionality. Here's four things that it does perfectly:

  • Switch between apps with left-to-right / right-to-left swipe.
  • Close apps by swiping the screen from the bottom
  • Get back to the homescreen from any app using three-finger pinch (like the five-finger pinch on iPad)
  • And a three-finger swipe up will open the app switcher (multitask)

Multitasking Gestures Cydia Tweak for iPhone
As you can guess, it's almost Zephyr. The reddit thread has users saying that Multitasking Gestures is not very smooth in some cases but it's the perfect replacement. And for a productivity tweak, it goes well with iOS 7.

You can switch apps quickly without having to head back to the switcher all the time. And the fact that you can quit apps without having to press a button is good too. Saves the home button from getting over-used.

There are some red-flags though (more like yellow-flags). Let's bullet them out:

  • Since the swipe-from-screen-bottom gesture is going to be used to close apps, Multitasking Gestures puts the Control Center in a separate tab in Notification Center. So, to access control center toggles and features, you have to swipe down and tap on the Control Center tab in NC. As a side-effect of this, if you have disabled tabs in NC (through tweaks like NCAllOnly), you will have to disable the tweak.Zephyr Style Cydia Tweak for Phone
  • The left-to-right swipe is used in iOS 7 to go back within apps (or with Safari, to go back in history). This feature is still pretty much available, but you will have to tap and hold on the left-end of the screen for a while before swiping to the right to get that action going. When you simply swipe from left to right, you switch between apps.
  • If you use a lot of CC tweaks like CCLoader, CCToggles, you will have to individually test them out. Even though the Control Center gets placed within the Notification Center when you use Multitasking Gestures, many CC tweaks still work perfectly. But we don't have a list of compatibility yet.

Multitasking Gestures is great for faster app switching and closing. It's up on Cydia's BigBoss repo for $1.50.