How cool would it be if you could go to any part of Settings app with a single tap?

For all those lucky users who are still on iOS 6 JB, a new tweak makes this possible with a simple genius gesture. Long-press on the Settings app and up pops a screen filled with clickable text. Click on any of the text to go to that particular part of Settings.

MultiShortcuts aims to cut down the time it takes to go to several parts of Settings. Some of them are too basic: Airplane Mode or Wifi for instance. But some are really amazing: Usage, VPN etc.

MultiShortcuts Cydia Tweak

If you find yourself going into the Settings app very occasionally, MultiShortcuts is certainly a tweak to install right now. Here’s a full list of all the items/shortcuts provided through MultiShortcuts:

MultiShortcuts Cydia Tweak for iPhone

  • About
  • Accessibility
  • Airplane
  • Auto-lock
  • Brightness
  • Bluetooth
  • Date & Time
  • FaceTime
  • General
  • Keyboard
  • iCloud
  • iCloud Storage & Backup
  • International
  • Location Services
  • Music
  • Music Equalizer
  • Music Volume Limit
  • Network
  • Notes
  • Notification
  • Phone
  • Photos
  • Profile
  • Reset
  • Safari
  • Siri
  • Sounds
  • Software Update
  • Store
  • Twitter
  • Usage
  • VPN
  • Wallpaper
  • Wi-Fi

MultiShortcuts has absolutely no settings to control. Once installed, it activates instantly. Tap and hold on the Settings app for a couple of seconds till the screen shows up.

Now, you can tap on any of the various options to go to that particular part of Settings app. No more hassling away with different menus. Sometimes, I forget where Keyboard settings are and have to fumble around for a while before I realize where it is. I think that’s one big problem solved for me with MultiShortcuts.

MultiShortcuts is free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. You just need a Jailbroken iOS 6-running iPhone.