Multipurpose cases are not new to the market. Be it Android smartphones or the iPhones, case makers have been smart enough to produce multipurpose cases that help users do a lot of things besides just protect their smartphones.

People usually don’t choose multipurpose cases for one blaring reason: they’re thick, cumbersome and often, uncomfortable.

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iPhone 5 5s Multifunctional Cases

But well-designed cases with a keen sense of ergonomic design and aesthetics are coming up. It’s tough to find such specifically good multipurpose cases amidst a plethora of the usual ones but we tried to get the best of the best and do a roundup of multipurpose iPhone 5 cases that will be really helpful besides being easy to use.

And we ended up with these 3 best multipurpose iPhone 5/5s cases:

1. KABB Multitool iPhone 5/5s Case

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KABB Multitool iPhone 5-5s Case

The KABB is a simple case for the iPhone which has this camping multifunctional knife attached to it. You could call it a knife-case that fits on the iPhone 5/5s. It looks cool though. The camping knife is tucked inside (you can slide it out easily) the case. The multitool has a ruler, can opener, wrenches, bottle opener, screwdriver, a keyhole and more.

Price: $89.99 ($19.99 on Amazon, at the time of writing this)
Buy the KABB iPhone 5/5s case

2. TidyTilt

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TidyTilt iPhone 5 Case

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about TidyTilt for iPhone 4/4S but that was one of the best selling multipurpose iPhone cases back then (and even today). The TidyTilt for iPhone 5/5s is under production and the specs look delicious.

The TidyTilt is pretty much similar to the iPad cover wrap that Apple produces with similar cuts and function. The TidyTilt is multipurpose because:

  • It can prop up / tilt the iPhone 5/5s
  • It comes with a cord wrap to keep those unruly cords in check
  • It can mount the iPhone 5/5s
  • And it’s thin enough to fit your pocket

The TidyTilt iPhone 5 case is a better solution if you’re not looking for bottle openers with your iPhone 5 case.

Buy TidyTilt

3. Sena Magia Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

Sena Magia Wallet for iPhone 5Price: $54.95
All the fun apart, people looking for mutlipurpose iPhone 5/5s cases are probably looking for cases that double up as wallets. In that case, this is the one you’re looking for.

While most iPhone 5 cases that are advertised as wallets usually feature a single slot for cards and cash, the Sena multipurpose iPhone 5/5s wallet is quite different. It’s a clear, leather, professional and highly ergonomic case with a fantastic design. It has a camera enclosure, magnetic strap, and a 3-slot card holder. It’s perfect for the business class.

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Buy Sena Magia Wallet