MultiLS is an iOS 6-only Cydia tweak that puts all your notifications on a separate lockscreen. The second lockscreen can be accessed by swiping to the left on the default lockscreen.

Simple as the tweak is, I think it holds value for improved privacy on the lockscreen. Here’s more about the tweak and why it’s not just a “design” thing.

Lockscreen privacy has been a point of contention on all iOS devices. When you receive a message, a chat conversation, an email or any other “push” notification, it shows up – by default – on the lockscreen. The idea is to notify you that you have a message or a mail etc.

MultiLS Cydia Tweak for iPhone and iPad

Being able to preview a part of the message on the lockscreen is an added feature that can be useful in most circumstances but a little “open” in others. Suppose you receive a message/chat from your friend and you don’t want anyone even glancing at your phone to know what the message is, you will have to turn off the Show Preview feature.

But this prevents you from looking at the preview too because the whole preview gets hidden. In some other apps, the feature isn’t even available. Of course, the easiest way is to turn off all Lockscreen notifications for the apps in question but that isn’t really a good solution.

That’s where MultiLS comes in. Instead of showing the lockscreen notifications on the lockscreen, it adds an additional screen to the right of the default lockscreen. When a notification comes up, a blue pulsating light (that seems to take a cue from Android) on the right of the screen indicates that you’ve got notification.

You can swipe to the left to reveal another screen where you have just the notifications and the slider controls to unlock the phone. The notifications work just the same way they do on the lockscreen: you can swipe them to go directly to the app and see the message.

MultiLS in a way is good for privacy.

MultiLS is available on the BigBoss repo. It costs $0.99 and works only on iOS 6 (all devices).