There may be gazillion of Cydia tweaks. However, not all of them are worth having their place on your iPhone and iPad. Multify is one such tweak you’d always be tempted to install thanks to its awesome multitasking functionality.

With the addition of keyboard expansion feature, Multify has become more useful for iPhone users than ever before. It lets you interact with your favorite apps simultaneously without having to take long steps to switch from one app to another. Let’s head over to know more!

Multify Multitasking iOS 8 Cydia Tweak for iPhoneHow Does Multify Work
After you have installed Multify, you can launch it with the assigned action such as, double press Home button. It appears on the screen with “+” icon. When you tap on its icon, it lets you interact with your favorite apps which are listed on top of the screen. You can resize any app and even relocate it on the iPhone’s screen using launcher in order to interact with multiple apps side by side. It also lets you switch between your favorite apps instantly without any hassle.

Configuration Options From Settings
Multify offers configuration options from Settings app to let you use it in accordance with your need. As it doesn’t require any respring, whatever changes you make in this tweaks have immediate effect.

Multify Cydia Tweak SettingsAssign Your Preferred Action
With this tweak, you can assign the preferred action through which you want to use it. There are three Activation Methods to select.

Multify Activation Methods: it allows you to launch this tweak with the preferred action.

Multify Activation Methods Multify Cydia TweakEdit Activation Methods: this option enables you to resize and relocate your favorite apps in Multify view.

Open app Activation Methods in Multify Cydia TweakOpen app Activation Methods: it lets you bring the currently open app in the Multify view.

Open app Activation Methods in Multify Cydia TweakSelect Your Favorite Apps
You can select your favorite apps which you want to interact at once using multitasking function. So, you have the option to increase your productivity by using multiple apps at one go.

Select Favorite Apps in Multify Cydia TweakEnable/Disable Keyboard Expand
This tweak has added a very handy feature called Keyboard Expand that lets you type comfortably. Earlier, many Multify users used to complain that they couldn’t type properly due to the tiny size of the keyboard.

When you begin to type, the keyboard is expanded to the normal size. After typing when you tap on its icon, the keyboard closes down.

Change Appearance
Multify lets you change appearance as well. So, if you are specific about particular colors or looks, you have the options to customize the look.

Available From Cydia’s BigBoss Repo at $5
You can install this tweak from BigBoss repo at $5. Though it’s one of the costliest tweaks, you wouldn’t have any reason to complain as it not only has the features to enhance its reputation but also the quality functionality to set it apart from any other tweaks.

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