Parental monitoring of smartphones is becoming very tough. In fact, if you've got a teenager there's no way you can monitor your kid's iPhone or have an eye on the usage stats. But in many cases, this is important.

I don't believe in handing over smartphones to kids but we're living in a drastically changing world where you can't expect a gadget-free childhood. Kids demand to have smartphones and leaving them without that piece of a gadget will leave them technologically-backward.

But an iPhone, as many note, is a gadget that you've got to be very careful with. Smartphones – with their instant access to the internet and messaging – poses a big risk in the hands of kids and teens.

mSpy iPhone Tracker App Review

So a monitoring software is a must. But you take a stroll through the App Store and elsewhere and you find that there aren't many that do a decent job. Some need you to tweak a lot of stuff. And almost every one of them somehow falls short.

mSpy, on the other hand, looks enormously promising and powerful. Can you imagine being able to track – silently – Whatsapp and iMessage conversations? Or emails and Skype?

mSpy iPhone Tracker App

For some strange reason, mSpy is far more powerful than you can imagine. To begin with, it's so stealthy that it's not allowed on App Store – so you have an idea of what it is. mSpy can be installed only via Cydia on a jailbroken iPhone. For this purpose, you'll have to jailbreak the target iPhone and for that, it should be running iOS 6.x (not beyond 6.1.2).

Without getting too deep into the spec,here's what mSpy lets you monitor without your kid ever knowing:

  • Location: this is one of the most pressing needs for parents. ‘Find My iPhone' in iCloud can help you achieve this but mSpy does better.
  • Calls, Messages and Contacts: New contacts getting added, messages being sent, calls being made with duration… you know the drill.
  • New: Whatsapp, Skype – Like I mentioned before, the whole thing is so powerful that Whatsapp conversations and Skype chats are also recorded, tracked and sent to your account for analysis.

Setting up mSpy is actually pretty easy but if you're new to jailbreaking and stuff, you might have to read their instructions a little carefully. But then, it's easy. Once you're setup, all logged info is sent to your account which can be accessed online.

Naturally, a tracking software that's as versatile will cost you money. There are a few monthly plans that start from $49/month and go up to $159/year. One would assume that it's for people really serious about tracking their kids' smartphones but there are other use-case scenarios too (like corporates) where mSpy can come in very handy.

mSpy is not an App Store app. It's a Cydia app connected to an active mSpy account. You can grab one here.