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Democracy is where everyone has the right to elect the government and express their critical thoughts. But with nepotism and favoritism deep into the roots, a commoner feels left out of the mainstream. This is where the MOXY iPhone app can prove to be a catalyst.

The app breaks an age-old fallacy by offering a non-partisan platform where voters, elected representatives, and authorized organizations can interact transparently.

MOXY iPhone App: Bridges the Gap Between Elected Representatives And People

The app seems to be a well-thought-out implementation. But then, how well its ideals translate into reality? Let’s dive right in to take a close look at it!

Built Around Eight Keystones

It’s really hard to create an all-in-one non-partisan platform and even harder to make it work as expected. That’s probably why Epluribus, LLC (the developer of the app) has built MOXY around eight crucial keystones;

  • Elections
  • Forums
  • Live streams
  • Chat
  • Podcasts
  • Surveys and polls
  • Elected representatives
  • Legislation

With the presence of these notable components, you can keep a track of upcoming elections (local, regional, and national) and join forums to share your thoughts. Moreover, it can also let you send direct messages to friends/representatives, and even check out the proposed as well as enacted legislation.

Not just that, you can also listen to podcasts on a variety of subjects recorded by elected representatives as well as authorized organizations. The option to join a live stream or go live to share thoughts with like-minded people is equally helpful. While podcasts can play a vital role in keeping you updated, live streams can help you catch up with an ongoing event at your own pace.

As someone who loves to listen to podcasts during free times, I have found MOXY quite good. Though it may not have a massive library like full-fledged podcast apps, it’s got enough to help you stay in sync with politics and everything that surrounds it.

Intuitive User interface For Less Learning Curve

MOXY Voter Laws Forums Podcast iPhone App

No matter how feature-rich an app may be, it may not appeal to users, if it lacks an intuitive interface. Let alone being effective.

In terms of user-interface, MOXY has looked neat to me. Despite being versatile, it’s pretty easy to use. So, you won’t need to spend a lot of time getting a good hang of the features. That’s the reason why MOXY can easily appeal to a lot of users including those who aren’t tech-savvy.

Designed to bridge the gap between elected representatives and people, MOXY needed to be pretty straightforward to appeal to the mainstream, without having to sacrifice core features. And after taking a close look at the app, I must say that it looks on-point.

Shake Off Age-Old Belief to Make The Most Of Your Democratic Rights

Granted, Democracy has way too many loopholes not to be used, misused, and abused by the powers that be. But don’t forget, the same democracy has offered a ton of significant rights to us. So, before lambasting the government and the authorities for not living up to the expectation, ask yourself a simple question – are you doing enough as a citizen?

If your heart says, “Not enough”, now is the perfect time to get started. And with “Get started”, I mean, learning about all the candidates, expressing your point of view, and most significantly; registering to vote. This is where a thoughtfully developed app like Moxy can play a vital role in helping you not just stay informed but also play an active role as a citizen. And that too without having to consume plenty of your valuable time.

Price and Availability

Though MOXY is free to download ( ad-supported version), the freemium version has some limitations. If you want to remove the ad or take advantage of the “Go Live” feature, you will need to spend $4.99/month or $49/year.

There is also a high-end model designed for power users, which will cost you $14.99/month or $149/year. This version will let you lead your own forum, create chat groups, make podcasts, and Go Live up to three times every day for 30 minutes each.



At a time when there is a growing perception that democracy is overpowered by the powers that be, there is an urgent need to restore people’s faith in democracy. Although MOXY can’t be the answer to all the existing questions, it can go a long way in creating an environment where people are fully aware of what’s going on in politics and more importantly; who deserves their valuable vote.

Long story short, “Moxy bridges the gap between politicians and people. More significantly, this non-partisan platform could be the need of the hour for democracy.”

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What do you think of MOXY and whether or not would you like to give it a try? Sound off in the comments below.

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