Motion Sensor iPhone App

Motion Sensor iPhone App

A couple of days back, I got a gruesome video on my WhatsApp; in that, a governess, who was hired by working parents to take care of their kid, was ill-treating the kid. I cannot upload that video here as many feeble-hearted viewers would pass out after watching the horror unleashed by that woman on the poor kid.

This makes me realize that how difficult it is to leave our loved ones in someone else’s hands. But at the same time, it also shows our helplessness as our professional commitment keeps us away from our family. In this situation, you wish you had a third eye to keep a watch on your near and dear ones.

Motion Sensor iPhone App: Keep a Watchful Eye on Your Kids & Pets

Thankfully, your iPhone can come to your rescue. All you need is Motion Sensor, an app developed by Sipan Davoian, on your iPhone or iPad.

As the name suggests, Motion Sensor detects any motion that occurs on the scene. The app is a great help to keep an eye on your pets; you can also use it for security reasons. If you use the app as hidden camera, it can alert you if there is any action; it sends a sound alert, flashes light or sends an email.

The app is quite easy to use with maximum default settings. It saves all those detected events in a folder; you can rename the files according to event. You can immediately view the detected events in your inbox or Dropbox.

Just ensure that you feed proper id and password of your Dropbox. One of the biggest advantages of the app is that if your iOS device is moved from the fixed place, the app sends email alerts.

However, the picture is not that rosy. The app has got some demerits also. First off, it consumes device’s battery fast, and therefore, users have to plug the device into the power source or they need to keep device on low power mode.

Another drawback is that your iPhone or iPad is pretty much occupied if you want to keep watch on somebody for long time. This is quite unaffordable deal as you can easily use cheaper option like CCTV if you want to keep video surveillance on your pets or kids.

The app needs many updates as this is the first version. Let us hope the developer comes up with some real sensible changes to the app.

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