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7 Most Expensive iPhone 6 Cases In the World

Most Expensive iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases

In a world where we’re mostly concerned with saving up, the quest for cheap iPhone 6 cases often eclipses the topic of the most-expensive iPhone 6 cases. But the designers aren’t going to let a piece of gadget like this go without some modification. That, eventually, leads to some of the most expensive iPhone 6 cases (and in some cases bespoke iPhone 6s).

Most Expensive iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases

The iPhone 6 is about four months old now so it’s still a new product (comparatively). There aren’t very many luxury cases for it yet. But with the limited set there is, the cost of a custom-designed phone or case can range from a “paltry” $300 to an unbelievable $2.7 million. Check out this list:Most Expensive iPhone 6 Cases

Hand-crafted Togo Leather Case for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

#7. Hand-crafted Togo Leather CaseThis is nowhere close to all the dazzling, diamond encrusted cases we’ve covered in this list but the exquisite leather with a finish that’s picture-perfect makes it worthy of a mention. The $299 price-tag makes it one of the costliest leather cases for the iPhone 6 out there (most leather cases hover in the $100 range). There are several color options to pick from. And the case also includes a “puppy pendant”.

Price: $299 (iPhone 6), $229 (iPhone 6 Plus)
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Swarovski Elements iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Case

#6. Swarovski ElementsAlthough the case has nothing to do with Swarovski (it doesn’t use real Swarovski crystals), it sure is a dazzling case to behold. The case is decorated with crystals and diamonds on a hard-plastic shell. It’s completely hand-crafted and one of the things about it is that in a line of most-expensive iPhone 6 / cases, it’s a relatively “cheap” buy. And yet, you’ll be $330 down once you buy this.

Price: $329.95 (iPhone 6), $359.95 (iPhone 6 Plus)

The Tower Flower Case for iPhone 6

#5. Tower Flower case for iPhone 6On the surface, this one is just a plastic shell but what makes it so costly (at $1495) is that it’s embedded with crystals and rhinestones. It’s a handmade iPhone 6 case which has a “Paris in the Spring” motif. The case was featured on Etsy but right now the listing seems to have disappeared. If it resurfaces on Etsy or anywhere else, we’ll update this post. Keep a lookout for this beauty.

Price: $1,495

Gresso Line iPhone 6 Case

#4. Gresso LineWhile Gresso produces independent, hand-crafted bespoke Android smartphones and other things, the one line of accessories we’re interested in is the $2k-$3k Titanium Shell for iPhone 6. It’s similar to those two-piece shells that interlock on your iPhone. Titanium, as you might know, is an aircraft-grade material – exceptionally and sometimes unbelievably strong. Spending three grand on just a case would be outrageous to say the least but who the heck cares.

Price: $3000

Lux from Brikk iPhone 6 Case

#3. Lux from BrikkBrikk’s custom-made iPhone 6 will set you back by about five grand but what you get in return is an exquisite, gold iPhone 6. It’s clearly one of the most minimalist expensive iPhones out there because folks over at Brikk customized the shell of the iPhone 6 which means there’s no extra bulk added to the phone’s components. What you have is a golden phone. Perfect to flaunt if you’re into this sort of a thing.

Price: $4,995

Dragon and Spider iPhone 6 Case

#2. Dragon and Spider CaseClosely following the most-expensive iPhone 6 is Anita Mai Tan’s Dragon and Spider Case which is just the case (and you don’t get the phone). This one features a very pendant-ish design (and in fact, you can wear it as a pendant if you’re into extravagance. The case is embedded with diamonds, rubies, tsavorites, emeralds. The Dragon has about 2000 black diamonds while the Spider has 2800 of them and is encrusted in 18k gold. It’s said that each cases takes about 16 months to produce – it’s handcrafted.

Price: $880,000

Amosu's iPhone 6 Case

#1. Amosu’s iPhone 6Amosu range of bespoke smartphones include BlackBerrys and older iPhones but this one beats them all. This bespoke iPhone 6 is encrusted with over 6000 diamonds on an 18k gold shell. The production itself is said to take about two months and understandly, it’s a very limited edition. I’m pretty sure that, at $2.7 million dollars apiece, this is the most expensive one out there.

Price: $2,700,000
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