Most Expensive iPhone 6 Cases In the World

Most Expensive iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Cases

In a world where we’re primarily concerned with saving up, the quest for cheap iPhone 6 cases often eclipses the topic of the most expensive iPhone 6 cases. But the designers aren’t going to let a piece of gadget like this go without some modification. That, eventually, leads to some of the most expensive iPhone 6 cases (and in some cases, bespoke iPhone 6s).

Lux from Brikk

Lux from Brikk iPhone 6 Case

Brikk’s custom-made iPhone 6 will set you back by about five grand but what you get in return is an exquisite, gold iPhone 6. It’s clearly one of the most minimalist expensive iPhones out there because folks over at Brikk customized the shell of the iPhone 6 which means there’s no extra bulk added to the phone’s components. What you have is a golden phone. Perfect to flaunt if you’re into this sort of a thing.


Dragon and Spider Case

Dragon and Spider iPhone 6 Case

Closely following the most expensive iPhone 6 is Anita Mai Tan’s Dragon and Spider Case which is just the case (and you don’t get the phone). This one features a very pendant-ish design (and in fact, you can wear it as a pendant if you’re into extravagance.

The case is embedded with diamonds, rubies, tsavorites, emeralds. The Dragon has about 2000 black diamonds, while the Spider has 2800 of them and is encrusted in 18k gold. It’s said that each case takes about 16 months to produce – it’s handcrafted.


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