Most Expensive Apple Watch in The World

Most Expensive Apple Watch

The rich always looking for some reason to put their wealth on show to the world, and our business owners give them enough reasons. Firebox Distribution, a distributor of cool and exciting products, has unveiled an 18K Apple Watch encrusted with diamonds. The watch, that costs £150,000, is made of innovative technology to impart this glitzy makeover.

Well, this dazzling timepiece is not reserved for anyone; if you can afford it, you can also purchase this expensive watch. To add the bling factor to this most advanced watch of the world, makers have encrusted the face and bracelet of this device with diamonds.

Most Expensive Apple Watch

The watch retains other features incorporated by Apple Inc. For a class of consumers who have developed discerning tastes for smart gizmos, this is a must-buy.

Most Expensive Apple Watch in the World

Interestingly, the watch wasn’t unveiled amid any fan-fare or celebrity presence; normally, such products are launched by some Hollywood stars or sports biggies. But there is no news of glamourized launch of this high-end product.

Costliest Apple Watch

According to Firebox, the watch will be delivered free of cost. Perhaps, this will give some relief to those millionaires who are going to place orders for this coveted Apple Watch.

In important information, the website says that since the product is exclusive in nature, the shipping & delivery may take time of 21 to 28 days. The website also keeps mum over the insurance of this pricey product; but given the type of target audience, insurance seems to be out of question.

Notably, BRIKK DESIGNS AND MANUFACTURES has released gold Apple Watch a couple of months back. It was priced around $115,000.

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