The iPad Mini has kind of made Apple ever more popular and interesting in many ways. While some skeptics sure made a lot of comments on how the gadget would end up cannibalizing the iPad, the “mini” actually ended up winning a lot of hearts and making a lot of profits for the fruit company.

Well, if you’ve got an iPad Mini (Christmas present, anyone?), you sure would be overwhelmed by the handy gadget that’s a curious mixture of the iPad as well as the iPhone.

Sure enough a lot has been written about iPad Mini already so without further ado, let’s get into our topic: the most essential iPad Mini apps that you’ve got to have.

iPad Mini

We’ve got them covered under:

  • Video apps: the iPad Mini is a fantastic device to watch movies without having to fret about holding the device. The iPad Mini, unlike the iPad, isn’t heavy to hold and neither too small like the iPhone to watch videos comfortably.
  • Reading apps: the iPad Mini makes for a fantastic reading gadget: large enough for comfortable reading, small enough to hold it like a book.
  • Game: Ah, what’s the use of having a powerful gadget without playing a game. We found that a racing game would fit the bill perfectly.
  • Communication/Social Networking: Well, that needs no explanation, right?

Here are some of the best iPad Mini Apps You Should Have:

1. Netflix: For movies and TV shows, this is where you go. Now most homes have got a Netflix subscription so this app would be the best choice.

2. YouTube: Needless to say, Google’s YouTube app is your one-stop destination to find interesting videos, subscribe to channels and watch a variety of movies.

3. Amazon Instant Video: If you subscribe to Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, you’ve got to have this app to access the video content from the subscription.

4. Prismatic: Prismatic is like Flipboar; only, it’s got a different, simplified and toned-down interface. We just began using Prismatic recently and we’re quite in love with the app.

5. Pocket: Pocket is for saving things you want to read later, or saving stuff you find online so you can have that with you all the time. Pocket’s interface is so amazing that it encourages and inspires you to read more, save more for reading later and get inspired through the reading.

6. Flipboard: Needless to say, Flipboard tops the charts when it comes to an amazing reading app for the iPad Mini. With a design that’s flat but very clean, Flipboard trumps almost all other readers today.

7. Twitter: If you’re the chirpy communicator in the social world, you’ll need the official app from Twitter to tweet to your friends and followers. The revamp on the client means you get an awesome interface.

8. Skype: Without a doubt, you need Skype. The 1.2MP HD camera on the iPad Mini is crisp and with fast 3G or Wi-fi connections, you are going to enjoy your video chats.

9. Facebook: Without a doubt, you need Facebook too if you’ve got an account on the world’s largest social network. Facebook revamped their app too and now the app is smooth, fast and has almost all the features you’ll find on the web interface.

10. GT Racing: GT Racing brings the simple pleasures of a power-packed racing game to your iPad Mini. You’ll love playing racing games on the iPad Mini because the device is so crafted as to be easily held for longer times than the iPad but at the same time, providing a large enough screen to enjoy the game thoroughly.

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