The MOS Spring: Most Durable Lightning Cable for iPhone

The MOS Spring Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

For a superior iPhone experience, you got to have high quality accessories. After using MOS spring lightning cable for my iPhone 6 Plus, I can bet that there can’t be a better solution for a charging cable that also connects my iPhone and iPad. For the first time, I have experienced both – style and strength. Let me give you a low-down on this indestructible spring lightning cable from MOS.

MOS Spring Lightning Cable for iPhone and iPad

The MOS Spring Lightning Cable Design


When your eyes encounter any product, the first thing that captures your eyes is design. Therefore, this product is elegantly designed to grab your attention. The ash-colored spring cable boasts sophistication in its design as it is specially made for those who have given Apple products a special place in life. Check the minimalistic appearance of this cable that easily catches your fancy.

Material Used for MOS Spring Cable


The spring cable from MOS is made of anodized aluminium to provide extra protection as well as a classy and high quality look and feel. More often than not, such cables easily get broken at the two ends. To solve this problem, this cable is strengthened by metal spring strain relief to safeguard the two ends.

Strength of MOS Spring Lightning Cable


Strength is the USP of this MOS spring lightning cable. Even if the cable comes under heavy pressure (as shown in the image), you can be rest assured that your cable is safe and not broken. Perhaps, I was looking for this quality as I am using all my electronic devices very roughly. I guess I don’t have to buy any other cable in future. Not because the brand has given a life-time warranty, but the fact is that this will never perish.

Trademark Jacket

I have seen very few brands, who are in manufacturing of accessories, go for trademark. The MOS lightning cable is protected by its trademark Exoskeleton™ woven jacket. This unique jacket offers better protection than anything else you might have seen for such cables. The jacket works as a guard to the inner conductor; one of the prominent features of this cable is that it never gets entangled, even if you try hard to do this. If you roll up in a coil to put the cable in your pocket, it will disentangled once you pull out of your pocket.

With so many extraordinary features, I think I took a wise decision to buy this MOS spring lightning cable. For a generation, who is always on the go, this cable can be their perfect choice as our youngsters are doing many outdoor activities, during which, fragile products are likely to get damaged. Take this robust cable with you and take your user-experience to the next level.

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