MOS Pack Backpack Review – Extraordinary Bag

MOS Pack Backpack Review

Every material thing has its own limitations. Limited usage, limited quantity, limited seats, and limited space. When it comes to storage or space, a tech geek would be the first to raise his concern as he has to pack many devices and accessories in a limited space. On top of this, they need all those devices fully charged up. Traveling throws all the more challenges to our professionals, who travel with their laptop, smartphones and tablets.

For once, many would have thought of buying a power bank that can charge all devices and accessories on the go. But power banks have their own limitations; not all power banks can charge laptop batteries.

MOS Pack Backpack Review

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Two tech geeks, who have been suffering from the issue of packing their devices & accessories, have come up with a solution: tech bag. Now this is something new and worth a peek. Tech bag immediately captures everyone’s attention with its product category as very few users know about such products.

First Look

MOS Pack Dimensions

When I first took this tech bag in my hands, I was startled to see its look. There are so many zippers with large, visible teeth. My first impression for the bag was like it is for mountaineers, who have to carry a lot of stuff with them. But I was later convinced that this tech bag is actually made for a techie, who has to carry several electronic gadgets.

Charging Solutions

MOS Pack Tech Backpack

The primary purpose of the bag is to offer charging solutions to communication devices, while the users are on the go. Now I realized why there are so many small, medium and large pockets protected by zippers. The bag is no less than caves, which lead you to other caves. There is another glaring feature that I spotted in the bag; it offers an amazing cable management system within the length and breadth of few inches. Whether you carry your 15-inch laptop, or a tablet or smartphones, you can easily curl up all cables in the pockets.

No Ordinary Backpack

MOS Pack Backpack Features

So this bag is not your ordinary backpack, but is something more like a portable charging station. If you wonder how it can be a portable charging station, take a look at the multiple pockets the bag offers. Without taking any device out, you can charge each one with the help of charger, which can be placed inside the backpack that boasts built-in magnetic strips. The charger immediately sticks to the magnetic strips and allows you to charge multiple devices at once. The charger has a standard female plug to charge laptop and two USB slots for other communication devices.

More Than a Backpack

MOS Pack Features

Apart from its cable management surprises, the backpack has something more to offer for a tech professional. If you are traveling across the borders, you can put your passport in a separate pocket; keep your water bottle handy by slotting it in the side pocket; don’t forget to put your glasses in the upper pocket, which is comfortably made of microfiber; also stick some stationery (pencils/pens) in the vertical slots.

Is there any other option?

MOS Pack Pockets

The backpack is undoubtedly more than an ordinary backpack as it offers multiple benefits for users. Two things to take notice of the product: 1) it is a portable charging station, and 2) you can travel with multiple devices and accessories placed in the backpack. But on the downside, the backpack can easily be replaced by any other branded backpack. For charging issue, you can always keep a high-power portable power bank, albeit it should be able to charge your laptop.

Color Options

MOS Pack Color Options

MOS Pack available in two colors; Slate and Onyx to choose from.

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