Morning: An iPad App That’s Fit to Be Your “Morning” App

Very few apps qualify to be on top of the list of your morning routine. What’s the first app that you look at? That can very well define your life today. And for that very reason, I think Morning – an app that featured on the App Store picks recently – must be the first app you look at every morning.

Aptly-titled “Morning”, the app brings a few of the most important things you might want to check on each morning. Reminders, weather, commute, news, calendar and a few other things fill the app.

A beautiful flat interface specifically designed for the iPad brings an ultra-clean UI to the whole app.

Morning: An iPad App That’s Fit to Be Your “Morning” App

Morning is a cluster of apps wrapped on one app. Beautifully. It has:

  • Reminder
  • Weather
  • Commute (Traffic)
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Stocks
  • Countdown
  • Date/Time

Morning takes things visually, so you have a really beautiful interface. The key idea of Morning is to present information quickly so you can digest them easily. A clean interface makes things really helpful here.

Obviously, the interface is not everything. Morning is designed to present you the most important information you want to see when you fire it up.

I guess Reminders and Calendars would top the list followed by Traffic, News etc. If your eyes are set on the market, Stocks will be handy.

You can configure the settings so much as to have the placement of these “widgets”according to your liking.

But I keep coming back to the visual element because that’s probably the only thing that apps do differently. For instance, iOS 7’s Notification Center is a good enough place to start your day now because it shows all the necessary appointments, reminders and events. And then you’ve got Weather and date info too. But what makes it less interesting is the interface.

There’s quite a bunch of stuff that can be configured so you’re really looking at an app that works according to your taste.

What I like particularly about Morning is that it can be one of the most useful ways of starting your mornings.

Personally, looking at email and messages first thing in the morning isn’t really productive. Morning, the app, can change it drastically.

Price: $0.99

That’s it, guys!

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