Tons of new themes crop up on Cydia everyday but truly impressive themes are hard to come by. You’d think that the simplicity of iOS 7 should be an easy recipe for theming but on the contrary, it’s harder now. How do you take a different route from iOS 7’s minimalism and yet retain the simplicity?

We’ve got five more themes lined up today. Some of these are updates with more icon packs for third-party apps. Some are new themes that designers have painstakingly crafted from ground up. Take a look, and tell us your favorites.

Beautiful Winterboard Themes for iOS 7

Minimal and BeautifulĀ iOS 7 Winterboard Themes

7ransparency Hue

7ransparency-hue iOS 7 Winterboard Theme
7ransparency is one of the coolest transparent-icon Winterboard themes for iOS 7. We didn’t cover it in any of our earlier theme roundups but with a new add-on theme released by the developer, it is now imperative that we mention it. If you’ve not yet tried 7ransparency, it’s time to try it on your iPhone.

7ransparency Hue brings additional color tint options to the 7ransparency theme. You can pick from 9 color themes that come with same icons. The dark one is my favorite. You will have to top it with some cool tweaks like DockShift and other ‘minimalizing’ tweaks for statusbar [our post on statusbar tweaks] and lockscreen to make the whole theme look awesome.

Repo: MacCiti



Toast Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

Toast is a beautiful icon pack bundled as a Winterboard theme. The subtlety of this theme with its gradient-icons and flat colors is fantastic. There’s absolute sense of minimalism with the theme. Toast uses a wonderful color palette that most designers refrain from using. The whole icon pack supports an enormous array of third-party apps so you should find your iPhone totally themed to Toast.

Again, as with 7ransparency, try a variety of tweaks to make dock, statusbar etc minimal.

Repo: MacCiti


Zanilla iOS-7 Winterboard Theme

Zanilla, updated to 2.1, is one of the coolest Winterboard themes for iOS 7. The theme comes with custom masks for the icons so you can not only change the icon but also its shape. Zanilla adds a new dimension to the minimalism of iOS 7 through both the long-shadow technique and the icon masks. These things take the theme’s appeal to a whole new level. If you love minimalism but aren’t really happy with iOS 7’s default theme, Zanilla should give you some peace.

Repo: BigBoss


iRa Winterboard Theme for iOS 7

iRa is another minimal Winterboard theme that matches with the design aesthetic of iOS 7. The color palette is a little overwhelming in some ways, but a bunch of custom icons designed for the theme are really good. I like the redesign of the stock icons completely.

Repo: MacCiti


Acies iOS 7 Winterboard Theme

Acies is the least favorite of my roundup today but parts of Acies is so beautifully crafted that it warrants a mention. Besides, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder so you might like the theme very much. Acies re-imagines the icons with a lot of detail in them (which is my complaint but you might like the level of detail).

Be sure to check out our previous posts on the best Winterboard themes for iOS 7. I’m sure we missed a few themes that deserve our mention. Got a favorite theme of yours that we should look at and write about?Please tell us about it in the comments section!

Repo: MacCiti