In an apparent confirmation of rumors about iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S – the two upcoming smartphones from Cupertino – photos of alleged iPhone 5C buttons and iPhone 5S glass wedge that covers the camera and the flash were leaked.

This comes close on the heels of AllThingsD reporting on iPhone 5S's release date . Bloomberg corroborated that reported earlier this morning.

The part leaks themselves aren't new but they do confirm earlier speculations that stemmed from component leaks. We had an iPhone 5C case/shell leak earlier that held openings for volume buttons, designed like pills. The new photos of iPhone 5C buttons do include pill-shaped volume buttons.

More iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Alleged Parts Leak On the Web

The leaks came through Sonny Dickson. As expected, the buttons have different color variations including green, red, blue and yellow. The iPhone 5C has long been rumored to come in various colors just like the iPod Touch.

Also leaked were iPhone 5S's glass wedge that covers the camera and the lens on the back. NoWhereElse, the often-right French tech blog picked these from Sina Weibo. Incidentally, these leaked photos also make the case stronger for those pill-shaped LED designs (pill-shape due to dual LEDs).

iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S Leaked Parts ImageiPhone 5S Dual LED Part Leak

Apple has certainly been looking to improve the camera on iPhone to enhance photography. There are two angles to this bit: first off, Apple's facing stiff competition in terms of camera (from Android models); secondly, the camera definitely has been (although very popular) lacking a few important and currently-relevant features, low-light photography being one of them.

Although these are only leaked photos, we're looking at things close to launch date. The iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S are purportedly releasing on September 10th (with market launch being two weeks after the announcement).