Mophie Juice Pack Wireless Battery Case: Power Up Your iPhone 6s/6s Plus Rapidly

Mophie Juice Pack Wireless battery case is equipped to charge your iPhone 6/6s and 6s/6s Plus with blazing speed.

Though wireless charging system in smartphones has been around for quite some time, Apple hasn’t yet implemented it in iPhones. While there had been rumors in the past that the tech giant would finally embrace this charging technology, they are considered nothing more than just hearsay.

Impressed by the wireless charging system that’s introduced in several flagship Android smartphones, a number of iPhone owners including me are craving for it.

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Mophie Juice Pack Wireless Battery CaseWhile there are several wireless charging cases available for newest iPhones, not all of them provide the desired convenience as well as the expected result.

Mophie-a well-known accessory maker has launched iPhone battery case which supports wireless charging through a charging pad. Apart from adding more than 50% extra battery life, it supports almost all wireless charging standards including the Qi format.

Juice Pack Wireless

“Juice Pack Wireless” battery case is available in two versions; while one for iPhone 6/6s, the other is for iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus. The battery case features a compact design. Besides, it’s lightweight and fits perfectly to your device.

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Juice Pack WirelessThe impact-isolation system safeguards your iPhone from bumps or drops. Made with quality materials, it’s strong enough to offer basic protection from any accidental fall.

The case is rechargeable for over 500 full cycles. With the top class lithium-ion polymer cells, it is capable of delivering the most efficient charging solution.

Charge Force

Juice Pack Charge ForceCalled Charge Force, the wireless charging ecosystem starts powering up your iPhone as soon as it’s set down on the charging pad. It charges up your device first before juicing up the battery case.

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The ability to let you charge your device rapidly sets the charging technology apart. That aside, it’s highly efficient in getting the job done up to the expectation.

Primed in Accordance with Your Convenience

Mophie has introduced its own series of charging pads such as a vertical one designed for an office desk, a vent mount primed for the car and the basic flat model readied for home.

The charging pads have been developed in keeping with your need. Hence, you can pick the one as per your priority.

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The Price

A bundle with a juice pack case along with Charge Force charging base for iPhone 6/6s comes at $99.95, the same costs $129.95 for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus.

The basic home charging base is sold separately for $39.99, while alternative pads for a car vent and desk come at $59.95 each.

iPhone 6/6s Wireless Battery Case Price: $99.95
Buy it from

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iPhone 6 Plus/6s Wireless Battery Case Price: $129.95
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