Hidden code deep within iOS 7 has been revealing quite a bunch of features that could possibly be a part of the iPhone 5S. One of the earliest things we talked about was offline dictation feature in iOS 7. Right now, we’re moving over to a more powerful feature: the iPhone 5S camera.

Mark Gurman of 9To5Mac has been delving into the details and there’s quite a bit of interesting stuff here. The bottom-line is that the iPhone 5S might feature a camera enhancement (software-based) which lets it record videos at 120fps. More after the break.

Videos captured at 120fps are quite crisp and richly detailed. They can be used for slo-mo which are crisp too and where there’s no decipherable loss of detail. iPhone’s competitor – Samsung – has already touched this milestone.

iPhone 5S Camera Slow Motion

Apple’s iPhone has almost always been a bit behind when it comes to the camera. Still, by virtue of being the most popular smartphone (in the US), it continues to be the most popular smartphone for clicking photos.

Apple has always been a follower of iterative progression so adding little features like Panorama has taken them some time. They do leapfrog at times but as far as the iPhone camera is concerned, it’s obviously been lagging despite exceptional quality and good f/numbers.

The new feature – a 120fps frame rate capture – was hinted by code within iOS 7 beta firmware. Mark does point out that the iPhone 5S might not necessarily feature this, citing the example of the panorama feature which was found before iPhone 4S but only worked out to be a feature in iPhone 5.

The feature is called “Mogul” according to the code. It captures frames very fast lending the possibility of excellent slow-mo videos.

One of the posited iPhone 5S features is a better camera with some experts suggesting that the pixels could be notched up to 13MP from the current crop of 8MP sensors. In meantime you may read iPhone 5S release date rumors.