MOGA Ace POWER vs. Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhone & iPod Touch

We’ve yet to see a hands-on for Logitech’s PowerShell game controller built for the iPhone/iPod Touch,but the writing is everywhere. Logitech and MOGA are the first companies to release a game controller-cum-battery pack for the iPhone / iPod Touch (lightning connector) and comparisons are inevitable. The controllers are built over the API that Apple released with iOS 7.

We have the spec sheet and both the controllers have their own set of advantages and disadvantages going by the spec and the features. If you are an avid gamer, you might want to check this out.


MOGA Ace Power Controller features a more ergonomic design than its Logitech counterpart. The latter has a D-pad and the control buttons with shoulder buttons but MOGA Ace Power Controller aces (yes, pun intended) with the joystick. For both hands. And it’s ergonomically more easy to fit into your hands because it derives a lot of curves from original analog controllers.

The Logitech PowerShell is actually more inclined to be thinner which is great if you are okay with thin controllers that feel like smartphones. The thin design is more in line with mobile gaming – controllers for mobile phones are geared towards mobile gaming – and will fit your needs perfectly if you prefer thinner, lighter controllers.


The Logitech PowerShell packs a 1500mAh battery that will not only power the controller but also extend the life of your iPhone/iPod Touch when you are gaming. But this falls short, quite considerably, from the 1800mAh rating of MOGA Ace Power Controller.

Now 300mAh isn’t a big deal if you are hardcore gamer: you’ll run out of it pretty soon but I think it makes a big difference as a reserve. Both the controllers come with battery level indicators and connecting it to a microUSB port charges both the iPhone and the controller simultaneously. That’s going to be slow though.


The good thing about both the controllers is that there’s nothing called setup. You just fit your iPhone or iPod Touch into the controller and you’re good to go. The dock makes it easy. And that’s also a disadvantage because there’s no way you can connect anything else to the controller, or use the controller in any other way.

The MOGA Ace Power Controller is actually handy in a way: it can be pulled apart to set the iPhone/iPod Touch and when you’re not using it, it can be pushed back to a smaller size. Quite handy and portable.

PRICE of MOGA Ace Power Controller and Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhone & iPod

Both the controllers are $99.99.

Here’s a small spec shootout:

MOGA Ace POWER Controller vs. Logitech PowerShell Controller for iPhone & iPad Touch

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