We've seen our share of iPhone monitoring tools in the past but nothing comes close to Mobipast for its simplicity, ease and perfection. If you and your kid have iPhones that are jailbroken, Mobipast is one of the easiest tools you can install to track and monitor locations, web activity, messages and a plethora of other things on your kid's iPhone.

Mobipast comes as an app that resides on your iPhone and a monitoring software that runs in the background (hidden) of your child's iPhone. Once you've setup the whole thing – which takes very little time and very little effort – you will be able to track and monitor the processes on your kid's iPhone.

Mobipast iPhone Monitoring Tool

Remote monitoring of your child's iPhone is a very delicate issue. Some parents feel strongly about it – against it – while some parents look for solutions in order to keep a check on their child's iPhone usage patterns. There are very little iPhone apps that help you monitor another iPhone remotely but in the world of Cydia (jailbreak), there are quite a bunch of such apps.

Mobipast iPhone Monitoring Tool for Parents

Out of the bunch, Mobipast looks every bit the kind of an app you'd warm up to, instantly.  The ease-of-use with Mobipast – right from setting up the whole thing to using it – is amazing. We've had a test run with two devices and the smooth, seamless process is commendable. While the tracking reports get sent to the email ID that you configure, the monitoring software runs smoothly, completely hidden and inaccessible (unless someone opens Cydia and removes the repo).

The setup processes are clearly detailed on the website. Since the reports get sent to your email, there is no question of servers storing sensitive data.

But what exactly can be tracked? Here's a gist:

  • GPS locations
  • Contacts
  • Passcode
  • Internet / web history
  • SMS, iMessage
  • Calls
  • Notes and Keylogger
  • Facebook, Whatsapp, Hangouts and Yahoo

For starters, that's quite an impressive list of things to track and incidentally, they're the most sought-after apps and features that parents usually want to monitor.

There are only two conditions to using Mobipast: you need jailbroken iPhones and you should install the monitoring software on your kid's iPhone manually (via Cydia of course). Full instructions are here.

  • randdaf

    I do not recommend this software “mobipast” !!!

    Attention license is only for 30 days !!!

    On my Samsung S3 did not run, causing freezing the phone and I had to play the whole ROM.

    Money will not come back !!!

    If you are looking for good software to monitor and recommend “Tracker Free” is free and runs perfectly on both S3 and S2

  • PHL

    Installed the free Mobipast app to test the free features (phone log, contacts, GPS locations, internet visits and keylogger). On an iPhone 6 running jailbreak 8.1.2, the free version doesn’t do what it says it should. I decided to test this by monitoring myself, so I used my own phone. After installing the mobipast app and separate monitoring app(which goes on the phones to be monitored), it took about a day before I could see any data come back. What I got was one or two logged calls, though I made many more. It only showed numbers, though, and not what contacts those numbers were tied too. The key logger showed some of my passcodes (unlock phone, gmail), but not others. The contact list and notepad list seemed complete. On one monitored day, it showed me 2 SMS messages, which isn’t supposed to be part of the free app, but their date stamps were from 1970. Not sure if this would be the case if I paid for the full version that enables SMS monitoring. The mobipast web site offers no support options other than the generic linkedin, Facebook and twitter icons.

  • April Driggers

    I have tried to “jailbreak” my phone in order to install this… so while the instructions may see easy for someone who knows what the hell you are talking about — for someone like ME (a mom) who isn’t tech savvy, it’s reallllllly frustrating. I have no idea how to get that Cydia application on MY phone …. ???? i downloaded whatever fromtheir official “mirror” and it gave me a .dmg file that my iphone says isn’t able to be opened from anything on my device. So this is absolutely worthless unless someone wants to come do it for me. Very very frustrating!

    • Actually, when you jailbreak, Cydia gets installed automatically. The
      process after that is mentioned very clearly in simple terms with
      screenshots on the mobilplast website here -> http://mobipast.com/mobipast#apple.