MobileTerminal for iPhone is an awesome tool if you need to run commands on your smartphone. It’s not often that people use it and those that do almost always qualify as geeks.

There’s a bunch of Terminal-related tweaks on Cydia. Recently, two interesting tweaks came under our radar – both of them focused on productivity for Terminal users. Here’s more about these two tweaks that any geek who works with the terminal emulator should have.

MobileTerm Backgrounder:
One of the lousiest things about iOS is that there’s no true multi-tasking till at least iOS 6. This is especially true with jailbreak-tweaks where even an open Cydia gets reloaded every time you open it.

Mobile Terminal Cydia Tweaks

MobileTerminal does not run sessions in the background. So when you come back to the app after using other apps, you are starting from scratch. This is a pain-in-the-bottom issue for people who shunt between MobileTerminal and other areas of their iPhone often.

That’s where MobileTerm Backgrounder comes as a fantastic Cydia tweak. It helps you run the Terminal in the background so the sessions are preserved. Very useful to review commands you’ve typed before and to proceed from where you left off.

MobileTerm Backgrounder is a free tweak. It’s on the BigBoss repo.

There’s a fetish for putting things on the Notification Center. From Calendar+ to Tap to Widgets to NCWidgets and more, we’re always interested to see what can fit in the NC. Turns out Terminal does.

NCTerminal is an independent tweak that runs the terminal in the Notification Center. Yes, it’s fully functional without any limitations. Although it doesn’t provide the bells and whistles of MobileTerminal, it’s sufficient if you’re just typing commands into the terminal.

Think of NCTerminal as being a faster way to access the kernel of your iOS.

NCTerminal is on BigBoss repo. And it costs $2.62.