There is no denying the fact that today, mobile marketing is highly empowered owing to the absolute reach, ease-of-use, power and influence of mobile devices experienced by consumers. Millions of people across the world and millions of digital mobile devices together give multiples of millions of options to consumers for driving their decisions on purchasing a certain product or availing a certain service. In such a world where every person is walking with a smartphone in his pocket, reaching out potential customers through mobile marketing and engaging them in different ways is considered as a high priority task. Now the question is – how can consumers and brands connect?Mobile Marketing Goes Beyond Mobile Apps

What’s the Mobile Marketing Outlook Today?

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A general scenario as we see today is that people download the apps which they feel are feasible for their use. There are multiple options available for the users out of which they choose the application which holds the highest user rating and downloads and whose functionality description matches their requirements. Once a user downloads an application and uses the same, the goal of direct customer interaction can be met. Now the limitation is – How many apps can a user download? Here’s the point where there needs to be a full-stop for projecting mobile apps as the only way for mobile marketing. In reality, mobile marketing has to be far beyond the reach and engagement offered by mobile apps alone.

What Mobile Marketers Ignore?

Mobile marketers ignore the fact that mobile apps are not the end of the road. There’s another and much wider way to reach out to mobile users. That’s the Mobile Web. It’s not only the apps that users access on their mobile devices but also websites. To reach out to the mobile market with full potential, here’s what any business needs to do.

#1: Work on the Website
Though every website can be accessed through mobile Internet, having mobile friendly website (responsive website theme) is important so as to offer a convenient user interface to the potential customers. If such a theme is not there, the chances of the user sticking to the site for long are minimized because in that case, the user will need to maximize and minimize the fonts and scroll a lot in order to view a single page. A mobile friendly theme is thus the first step Internet marketers need to take in order to jump into the arena for conquering the mobile market. Also try to keep website navigation as simple as possible.

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#2: Direct Marketing
Gathering a business-specific mailing list and sending out mails to consumers relating to the products or services offered along with various offers or discounts available is how direct marketing proceeds. Most mobile users carrying smartphones or tablets access their mails through these mobile devices. The promotional mails or newsletters thus sent to the consumers will drive traffic to the site through the consumers’ mobile devices.

#3: Search Optimization
Just as search results open up in the desktop or laptop browser, they open up in a similar manner in the mobile device browsers also. When working on a computer, the user can still scroll down to the last result or even to the second page but with a small screen device, it is important to have business on the first page of result for the popular keywords. It’s best if a position amongst the first five can be grabbed.

An equalized effort in all the above mentioned directions can surely give mobile marketing a good boost. On top of this, you can look for other offline means or email or advertisement methodologies to reach out to potential mobile clients.

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