10 Solutions to Fix Cellular Data Not Working on iPhone Issue

Is mobile data not working on your iPhone with iOS 13, and you are having trouble connecting to the web and using your favorite apps? I understand this can be very frustrating. Most of the time, cellular data connectivity issues can be fixed by tweaking a few settings and restarting your iPhone. However, at times it may be due to something complicated and require some severe measures like network reset. So, whatever be the reason for cellular data connectivity problems on your iPhone, here is how to successfully solve it.

How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working Issue in iOS 13 on iPhone

Before we look at some real methods to address the cellular data not working issue on iOS 13, let us get the apparent checks out of the way.

Check if Mobile Data is turned ON or NOT: Launch Settings app and see the Mobile Data option. If toggle is not ON, tap on it to switch it ON.

Check your cell coverage: Are you in a shady network coverage area? Scarce cell coverage won’t allow you to use Mobile data. Look at the signal bars on top of your screen. If there are three or four bars, that means signal strength is good.

Ensure you have data allowance: Use your Carrier’s app or whatever method you use and ensure that you have not crossed the data usages of your current plan.

If Mobile data is not working only for an app: Is Mobile Data working correctly for all apps but not for any one app like Twitter or YouTube? If this is the case, force quit the app and relaunch it. You may also uninstall and reinstall it. Additionally, open Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Mobile Data. Now scroll down and make sure that Cellular Data is not turned off for that particular app.

Now that we are clear with the necessary checks, let us look at real solutions to fix mobile data connectivity problems on iPhone running iOS 13. Perform the following steps from top to bottom, and you may stop when one of them fixes your problem.

Solution #1. Turn OFF and ON Mobile Data

Firstly, turn OFF your iPhone’s Mobile Data, and after 30 seconds, turn it back ON. You can do so from the Control Centre or follow the steps below:

Step #1. Launch Settings app → Tap on Cellular (or Mobile Data) and switch OFF the toggle for Cellular Data.

Tap on Switch OFF toggle for Cellular Data in Settings App on iPhone

Step #2. Wait for 30 seconds and then tap on the same toggle of switch it back ON.

Turn ON Mobile Data to Fix Cellular Data Connectivity Issues on iPhone

Solution #2. Enable and Disable Airplane Mode

The above method did not work for you? Try putting the iPhone in Airplane mode and then normal mode. You can do so from the Control Centre or:

Step #1. Launch Settings app and tap on the Airplane Mode toggle to enable it.

Enable Airplane Mode in Settings App on iPhone

Step #2. Wait for 15 seconds and tap on the same switch to disable Airplane Mode.

Tap on Switch to disable Airplane Mode in Settings App on iPhone

Your iPhone will start a fresh network search and hopefully fix the connectivity issue.

Solution #3. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone fixes many issues, including mobile data (and Wi-Fi) connectivity problems. To restart your iPhone X and later, press together side power button and any volume button. After this, drag the slider to right to power off. After a minute, switch the phone back ON. To restart iPhone 8 and earlier, follow this guide. You may also perform a soft reset/force restart.

Solution #4. Switch on Data Roaming

Even if you are not in a roaming area, turning Data Roaming ON might do the trick.

Step #1. Launch Settings app and tap on Cellular.

Step #2. Now tap on Cellular Data Options and turn ON the toggle for Data Roaming.

Turn ON toggle for Data Roaming in Settings App on iPhone

Solution #5. Reinsert SIM Card

I have used this trick a few times, and it has been successful. To do this, first power off your iPhone and then remove the SIM card. Reinsert it carefully and switch ON the phone.

Solution #6. Disable Wi-Fi Calling and Enable 4G for Data Only

Another trick that you can do is disable Wi-Fi Calling and try enabling 4G only for Data and not Calls and Data. There is one downside that you should keep in mind. When you do this, your smartphone will have no choice but use the old 4G or 3G.

To Disable Wi-Fi Calling:

Step #1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone → Scroll down and tap on Phone.

Step #2. Now tap on Wi-Fi Calling and turn the toggle OFF.

Turn Off WiFi Calling on iPhone

You may also find Wi-fi Calling under Settings app – Mobile Data.

Try Enabling 4G for Data Only:

To do this, launch Settings app → CellularCellular Data Options. If your Carrier supports this feature, you will see it here. Now select Data Only under Enable 4G.

Tap on Enable 4G in Cellular Settings on iPhone

Solution #7. Check for Network Update

Being on the latest Carrier update ensures smooth calls, messages, and internet experience on your iPhone.

Step #1. Go to Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General.

Tap on Settings then General on iPhone

Step #2. Now, tap on About. Next, if an update is available, you will get a popup asking you to confirm. Hit OK in the same, and you are done.

Solution #8. Check for Pending iOS Update

Apple brings regular iOS updates that fix several bugs and problems. If your iPhone constantly has cellular data connectivity issues, update your iOS device.

Since Cellular Connectivity (and Wi-Fi) fall under Network Settings, it is a useful solution to reset it if you face these related issues.

Step #1. Open SettingsGeneralResetReset Network Settings.

Tap on Settings, General, Reset on iPhone

Step #2. Enter your passcode and confirm the action. Now, wait for the process to complete. After this check, whether your mobile data connectivity problems are solved or not.

Reset Network Settings on iPhone

Solution #9. Factory Reset Your iPhone

If one or a combination of few fixes listed above did not work for you, it might be the time to factory reset everything on your iPhone and set it up as new. But before you do that, make sure you take a complete backup.

Solution #10. Contact Your Carrier or Apple Support

If nothing worked, visit your Carrier store or call their customer support and see if the issue is on their side. Ask them whether your account is active and is in good standing or not. Also, inquire if there is a current outage in your area. Further, check that your device isn’t blocked from receiving cellular services and has the right data plan. You may also like to have a word with Apple Support to fix mobile data connectivity issues.

That’s all folks!

These were the methods to get you out of your mobile data connectivity woes. I hope one of the ways or a combination of few did the job for you. Share which one worked for you in the comments below and do not forget to list any additional ways that you might have that are not listed here.

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