Mixcder ShareMe Pro Bluetooth Headphone for iPhone 7/7 Plus

Mixcder ShareMe Pro Bluetooth wireless headphone for iPhone and iPad is quite luxurious both in terms of design and sound quality.
ShareMe Pro iPhone 7 Bluetooth Headphone

Music can touch the cords of every emotion and be the rhythm to even those feelings that can’t be spoken or written in mere words. Whether you are working at the office, doing the rigorous workout, meditating in a garden or relaxing in bed, music can liven up not just your time but also fill unforgettable memory with the indomitable spirit. Though taste may vary, the passionate love for fantastic songs remains the same for those who admire music.

There is a gazillion of ultra-modern headphones available in the market with stunning sound and superior design. However, very few can be the perfect blend of quality, design, and comfort.

Mixcder ShareMe Headphone for iPhone 7/7 Plus

Being very fond of music, I have a worthy collection of some of the finest headphones. But the one that has the edge over all of them is the all new “ShareMe Pro.” There are quite a few unique features that make this wireless earphone a delight for every music lover.

We had already reviewed the predecessor of Pro–Mixcder ShareMe 7 and were really fascinated by its design and quality. As compared to the ShareMe 7, the Pro version offers more play time, has better design and durability. It’s a major upgrade.

Premium Design

The first thing that I check out in any over-the-ear headphone is design as this is what separates a top-notch product from an ordinary one.

Mixcder ShareMe Pro iPhone 7 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

The Pro flaunts synthetic protein leather ear cushions which make it supremely comfy. You won’t feel like putting this luxurious headphone off even after using it for hours.

Made of premium nylon, this Bluetooth earphone is extremely lightweight. With the stainless steel headband, it has been gifted with enough strength to last long.

ShareMe Function

What I like most about the Pro is that it allows you to share music among two headphones at once.

Mixcder ShareMe Pro iPhone 7 Bluetooth Headphone

To share music:

  • First up, you need to make sure the headphone is off. Turn off the Bluetooth on your iOS device as well. Keep the devices within one meter away from each other
  • Next, you need to press and hold the power buttons on both the headphones for about 5-6 seconds until the LED starts flashing
  • Now, the two headphones will connect to each other automatically

It’s such a neat functionality. The wireless headphone makes sharing music or any audio program with your friend so simple. If you are at home or work and want to listen to specific tracks, this sharing functionality will let you bond with your friends or loved ones elegantly.

Fabulous Acoustics

This wireless headphone has custom built-in 40mm drivers which are equipped to deliver superb sound. Perfectly tuned and covering 100-10kHz range, it has been readied to thrill you.

Mixcder ShareMe Pro iPhone 7 Headphone

Even though it doesn’t have noise cancellation technology, you won’t miss it as the earphone has been developed to offer crystal clear acoustics.

The high stereo sound is at par with the best in the business.

Instant Connection

With the latest Bluetooth, the Pro pairs with your iPhone or other Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and computers instantly.

It’s pretty easy to pair the headphone with your device:

  • Make sure the headphone is turned off. Keep both the devices within one meter away from each other
  • Simply press and hold the power button for 5-6 seconds until the LED begins to flash
  • Then, go to Settings → Bluetooth on your iPhone. Search for the new device
  • Finally, select the “Mixcder ShareMe Pro.”

That’s it! Now, make the most of your favorite tracks. The process of pairing it with your other smartphones or computer is almost the same.

20 Hours of Long Play Time

What makes ShareMe headphone a notch above the rest is the 20 hours of long play time. The advanced battery technology ensures you never run out of power and continue to enjoy your albums.

Long battery is yet another significant feature of this Bluetooth headphone. Hence, you don’t have to juice it up too frequently.

The Verdict

ShareMe Pro is a complete package for your music time. With the stunning sound, cozy design, long play time and most significantly the sharing function, this wireless headphone tick off all the boxes.

“The Pro excels in every aspect and delivers the sound quality that just wins you over.”

Price: £79.98 [£39.99 on Amazon UK while writing this.] Buy it from Amazon.co.uk

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