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Laptops have become an essential part of our professional and personal lives. Whatever reason you use your laptop for you always require a good laptop bag without exceptions. There are different types of laptop bags that serve different purposes. While some of you may like a laptop bag that offers simple and adequate benefits, some may prefer a bag that will serve multiple purposes with fancy add-ons.

MIXBAG Transformer Bag is a contemporary laptop bag that offers you more than just holding your laptop. It comes with ample value added features which are an outcome of the bag’s unique design. Does this multipurpose European laptop bag live up to the hype?

Effortlessly Functional

The MIXBAG Transformer Bag is a peculiarly designed bag, made in Europe, for today’s generation. It is basically available for two sizes of laptops: 11.6″ and 13.3″ ones. The MIXBAG effortlessly lodges almost all of today’s compact laptops, but do not have high hopes for the older, thicker laptops or larger modern laptops. On a preliminary glance, you may just see an ordinary messenger bag that can hold your laptop. However, this bag has an unusual shape and therefore on closer assessment, you will see that you can wear the bag in many ways. Though, it is a bit difficult for many users to relate to the different ways in which the bag can be worn. This unfamiliarity in the bag’s usability can be a tough proposition for some users to accept.

More Than One Bag

Precisely speaking, the MIXBAG is a combination of two bags side by side made into one unit. There are literally two bags that are connected magnetically and using a zipper one side leads onto the other side. The magnets that unite the two bags are not too powerful, due to which the two bags don’t hold together firmly. This can be considered a considerable flaw in the bag’s design. But, in a theoretical way the presence of weak magnets prevent the electronic gadgets from any damage, which is a blessing in disguise. The two sides have separate handles using which you can carry the bag by hand. There are seven different metal grips that attach the strap in whichever way you may prefer.

Durable & Comfortable

MIXBAG Durable Tech Bag

The fabric with which the MIXBAG is made up of is predominantly mesh and not too rough. This helps to keep the dirt off the bag. Also, the fabric is comfortable even on sensitive skin though the same cannot be said about the bag’s strap. The bag offers an abundance of space on the inside and the zippers are appropriately positioned for convenient opening & closing. The bag is made of durable, natural cotton with a distinctive texture and is smooth to feel. It is lined with resilient, waterproof nylon.

Space is the Key

Now coming to the inner portion of the bag; it has three primary pockets which include two spaces for laptops and a smaller space for accessories. There is one main pocket on each half. With each major pocket there are sufficient minor pockets for holding things. There is also a much bigger space on either side. On one side this space can be extended outwardly so that it gives twice the amount of the existing space.

Use the Bag the Way You Wish

MIXBAG Carrying Options

The MIXBAG Transformer Bag works big time as an on-the-go laptop bag for daily usage and there is no doubt about it. You can wear the bag in plenty of ways without feeling the strap of the bag on your skin. One key point to be noted is that this strap is very simple and in no way is superior or high-end when compared to other competitive bags. How you wish to carry the bag decides if you want the two bags to stay joined or disconnected. But, this is a bit redundant because there is nothing too advantageous in using the bag one way over the other. It just depends on how you choose to carry. You may not be able to carry the bag in certain specific ways for which purposefully the bag is designed, but again this is subjective and up to you.

In spite of these drawbacks, the MIXBAG is a decent utility product that directly serves its purpose. You can carry a whole lot of large gadgets such as 13″ laptop, an iPad with all the associated accessories in two joined bags or disconnect a side and carry whatever gadget you choose to on a given day. Especially, if you own a range of gadgets of varying sizes, it helps you carry them in an organized and personalized manner.

Price: $99 (11.6″) | $125 (13.3″) [Flat 50% discount for limited time.]
Buy it from MyMixBag.com.

MIXBag Laptop Tech Bag

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MIXBag Laptop Tech Bag
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