Missing iTunes Radio in iOS 7 Music App: Here’s How to Fix It

Many users who upgraded to iOS 7 reported that the new feature in the Music app – iTunes Radio – went missing. This looks like a very common and silly bug that can mostly be corrected by force-quitting the Music app from the multi task-switcher.

If you’re facing the issue, here are the things you should try before you hit the panic button. But before you dive right in, make sure your iPhone is connected to a valid Wi-fi or cellular network.

1. The very first thing you should try is the “More” button in the Music app. Tap that and if you find iTunes Radio (“Radio”) listed, your problem is half-solved. You can drag Radio out from this list and drop it on the menu (if you prefer that).

Music App Settings in iOS 7
2. If #1 isn’t the solution, you will need to force-quit the Music app from the task switcher.

  • Double press the home button
  • swipe up the Music app and you’re done
  • Re-launch the Music app and check if “Radio” appears in the menu.

3. Should #2 not work, you might have to sign out of your iTunes account. You can do this by going into Settings → iTunes & App Store and signing out. To sign-out:

  • Tap on your Apple ID
  • Tap on Sign Out
  • Then, open the Music app (you should also force-quit the app once before). If “Radio” shows up, tap on it and you will be asked to sign in.

No one solution seems to work for everyone as the bug seems to be quite random. Apple hasn’t acknowledged the issue so we’re all on our own. Apple’s support forums have a lot of people posting about the issue and we listed out the prominent fixes that seem to work for a lot of people.

Going as far as restore or a re-installation of iOS 7 seems quite far stretched for a solution although users have pointed that too. Sometimes, you might have to make sure that the country selected in the App Store/ iTunes Store is U.S as iTunes Radio is only available in the U.S currently.