Armbands from Minisuit For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone accessories never fail to grab our attention, but they demand a careful pick as most of them are fancy and do not serve any purpose at the end of the day except for doling out money from your pocket. There are many manufacturers of such accessories and Minisuit is one such name known for its fabulous protective good-looking accessories for tablets, cell phones, laptops, cameras and many more.

Driven with great passion to built quality accessories, the globally renowned manufacturer has armbands for both iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus which facilitate you to carry the mobile phone even during workouts. The question is to decide which armband is the best among the two. Believe me, to answer this question is not an easy task at all. It is vital to compare both on certain well-defined parameters to pass on an honest judgment.

Minisuit iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Armbands
Simple design
Minisuit Armbands for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Both iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Armband are simple but necessary accessories for your iPhone. The most brilliant aspect is that they both are designed specifically for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. In the design aspect, both the armbands score high as they are neither flashy nor too bulky and yet can serve the purpose of protecting your high-end device perfectly while in a go.


Minisuit SPORTY Armband for iPhone 6 is not chalk and cheese apart from Minisuit SPORTY Armband for iPhone 6 Plus as both seem nearly identical in terms of features and offer armband extender or headphones separately.

Light-weight and washable: To begin with, the armbands are made up of soft neoprene and thus are light-weight. You can wear the adjustable armband carrying your beloved iPhone in the same comfortably and can sweat out in the gym without worrying about sweat damaging your phone. The armbands can protect your iPhone from light rain too. Pleasantly, the armbands are washable with mild soap and water.

There are cutouts for headphone jack in both cases. Minisuit SPORTY Armband for iPhone 6 Plus does not allow your phone with even a thin case which is a contrast from unlike Minisuit SPORTY Armband for iPhone 6 allowing even a phone with the case.

Perfect Touchscreen Response: You can access your touchscreen easily through the clear protective cover of both the armbands. However, it will be a bit too much to expect that fingerprint scanner will work too through the plastic cover as definitely it will not!

Built-in hidden key holder: The best thing that I liked a lot is the built-in hidden key holder that discourages me to carry things like cash bills or my credit cards to my workout place or else the temptation to carry these always is too much to get rid of. The key holder is a small one to just fit my house key as some car keys are a bit bigger one demanding more space.

There is also a reflective strip around the border to encourage safe jogging. Call me biased, but I feel still there is a room for improvement for the Minisuit SPORTY Armband for iPhone 6 Plus as there must be a provision to carry an iPhone 6 Plus even with a good protective case.

Price: $11.95 for iPhone 6 Case
Price: $12.95 for iPhone 6 Plus Case

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