If you’ve ever used PowerMusic MiniPlayer, you know that things can be quite powerful here. While PowerMusic MiniPlayer is a tweak for the lockscreen, MiniPlayer is a new tweak by the same dev. It puts an iTunes 11-like music widget (now playing) on your iPhone’s / iPad’s screen.

No matter what app you are using, you’ll still have the widget show up on top. You can drag it around, and one tap on the album (or drag to the corner) will hide the widget in a DND mode.

MiniPlayer is a simple tweak. There’s nothing to configure and you won’t find it anything to change or tweak in the Settings. You just install the tweak and whenever you play music on your iPhone/iPad, a widget pops up.

MiniPlayer Cydia Tweak

If you listen to music a lot while you access other apps on your iPad or iPhone, you might find this tweak enormously useful. It lets you play/pause, navigate between tracks and even select the track you want from the options button on the right.

Put an iTunes-like Mini Player On the iPhone

At times, you just need the widget to choose the song and then you want it to go off the screen. While the widget can’t go totally off the screen right now, you can grab it to a corner (or tap on the album) to hide the widget along the edges of the display so you can access it again easily.

It would be great if the widget could disappear completely and be called back through Activator actions. May be the dev is working on those and a later update will bring these features.

Till then, you’ll have to work with the features available now which are, in my opinion, quite good.

MiniPlayer is available on the BigBoss repo for $2.00. For those who’ve already bought PowerMusic MiniPlayer tweak, the MiniPlayer widget is available at a discount.