A music-controlling widget on the homescreen / dashboard is just the thing you want and MiniPlayer is the perfect Cydia tweak. Released for iOS 6 initially, the tweak has been updated and boy is it an amazing update! With features that are just amazing – to say the least – MiniPlayer has gone from a minimal iTunes controller to an awesome, all-powerful widget for iOS 7.

MiniPlayer debuted as a music widget for iOS 6 that let you control the music streaming from the music app on your iPhone. With simple play/pause and forward/back, it was pretty minimal. The new avatar, configured for iOS 7, is far more powerful and far more feature-rich. Take a look.

MiniPlayer Cydia Tweak

Control Center provides a simple and elegant way of controlling music (or any audio/video playback). One would assume that this is enough for iOS. But with MiniPlayer for iOS 7, you realize that this is how a music control widget should be. Okay, there could be many UX changes that I can think of but the update is a great place to start for many other upcoming tweaks in this area.

MiniPlayer Music Cydia Tweak
Here’s what MiniPlayer for iOS 7 brings:

  • The same minimalism in interface: and flatness that matches with iOS 7. Tap on the empty white space and the theme switches to a dark mode. It’s a simple toggle. You can also configure it from within the settings for the tweak. (Settings → MiniPlayer)
  • Ability to open an app quickly: if your music is playing from the Music app, you can tap on the album art to open a menu where you can tap and open the Music app instantly. If the music is playing from Pandora/Spotify or any other app, that particular app will open.
  • There is the all new search feature too right from within the widget. You can not only search for music from across multiple apps (Music, Spotify, Pandora etc.) but you can also add them to the queue by tap-and-hold.
  • You can rearrange the queue right from within the widget.

There are tons of more features added like Activator support, share features, support for iTunes Radio and more. The tweak is reasonably priced at $1.99.

MiniPlayer 3.0 for iOS 7 is available on the BigBoss repo.