There have been plenty of iPhone 5 cases in the market today. Some are the usual polycarbonate ones, some are made of exquisite leather, some are made from third-rate plastic and sold from Chinese markets… but some are special. Some, like the Miniot iWood 5.

No, we’re not glorifying the case because it’s made of wood. That’s something even Grove Bamboo cases have achieved: crafted beauties that add not just style but a passionate appeal to your iPhones.

And no, we’re not talking in the same terms that Miniot iWood 5 has been reviewed elsewhere. Almost everyone takes the same approach: it’s wood, it’s beautiful, it’s unique and it’s safe.

Miniot iWood 5 Case for iPhone 5

Miniot iWood 5 case for iPhone 5 is something more than just wood. Here’s what makes us like the folks that produce the iWood 5 case.

  • It is crafted out of fine, carefully curated and certified wood that’s been evaluated for safety, sturdiness and quality
  • Each iWood 5 case (and other varieties that the people behind Miniot products make) has a specific fingerprint texture. That’s so unique that they’ve decided to take pictures of each of the case and post them
  • the cases aren’t abnormally costly (yes they are pricey but not overly so)

For Your iPhone 5: A Really Unique But Standardized Case

The iWood 5 is unlike most other cases that deal with uniqueness. Though crafted out of wood, the case is light-weight on its own. The most simplistic feature that Miniot iWood 5 beholds is the standardized design: there are no large-scale design modifications that mar the beauty of the wood. In a way, this standard design for the iPhone 5 case makes the texture of the wood stand out.

Can a Wood Case Be Safe?

That’s a relative question. Quite a number of people are happy with their wooden iPhone 5 cases. Agreed: it’s not common and it’s not something that everyone feels comfortable with. Wooden cases do provide a good level of protection but you have to take care of the case too. It’s not something that you just fit and forget.


The iWood 5 series of Miniot cases is designed for the iPhone 5. It’s an enormously crafty piece and the price kind of justifies it. Still, it’s on the other side of the fence.

The iWood 5 case costs $103 without any engraving. As I said, it’s pricey, yes, but if you are a collector, this could be a good deal.

Here you can buy iWood 5 for iPhone 5.

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    This is the Miniot Book, instead of the iWood 5!