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MIKU Photo Editing iPhone App

Editing is the most significant aspect of professional photography. Even a poor quality photo can be enhanced to look impressive through high quality editing. The dark spot, stray hair and ugly pimples can be effortlessly removed to transform the appearance of a person. Even better, the shape of a body can be ideally fine-tuned to look perfectly in-line.

Barring some special shots, I don’t get my photos edited by professional editors. It’s mainly because it takes a lot of time for the images to come out of production. Besides, they prefer to edit pics in bulk and charge heavily.

Recently, I wished to retouch some of my most memorable images shared on Facebook. While exploring a top quality photo editor app for iOS, I stumbled upon “Miku.” The app not just gets your images edited by experienced editors but also completes the task a lot quickly. Moreover, you can have even a single photo edited as precisely as you ever wish.

Really impressed by the reliable functionality, I have decided to take “Miku” for a thorough hands-on review. Has it lived up to my expectation from all aspects? Read on to find out:

MIKU Photo Editor for iPhone and iPad

Remove Each and Every Blemish

One of the biggest highlights of this photo editor for iPhone is that it allows you to choose the unwanted parts which you want to get rid of from your photo. You can ask it to remove wrinkles, pimples, facial hair, enlarge eyes, whiten teeth, whiten skin and stray hair. Even better, you will be able to make your waist look slim and even resize breasts.

Retouch Photo using MIKU iPhone App

The photo editor app also lets you remove objects, change/blur background to highlight your subject. You can enhance colors and even fix damaged or old photo.

Furthermore, if you have other requests, you can write them to your designer as well. For instance, if you want to make your eyes look completely brown, convey it to the designer to get it done.

Integrated with Facebook and Instagram

As the app is integrated with Facebook and Instagram, you will quickly access all of your shared pics right from inside the app. So, if you think that one of your favorite photo which you had shared on Instagram deserves more attention, you can instantly access it and send it for specialized editing.

Integrated Social Media in MIKU iPhone App

If you want to go with the clean slate, there is an option as well. You can capture a new photo and get it refined just the way you want.

Reliable Functionality

With the neat UI and effective functionality, the app is pretty easy-to-use. Even if you are not tech savvy, the app will seem to be very familiar to you right from the moment you bump into it.

To start things off, simply launch Miku → tap on Retouch tab at the bottom → now you can import the pics from Instagram/Facebook or take a new photo.

Select Photo for Retouch in MIKU iPhone App

Then choose the flaws you want to remove or improve → fill in other requests → finally tap on Retouch The Photo.

Retouch Photo with MIKU iPhone App

Get Your Shots Edited within 30—120 Minutes

The one notable feature of this app is that it enables you to get your images edited within two hours by highly experienced professionals. In most cases, it completes the task in just 30 minutes. So, you don’t have to wait for days to have your shots edited.

If you happen to go for a memorable tour with your friends and capture stunning pics and want them to be polished by pros quickly to unleash them on social sites; keeping your preferences in mind, the app will admirably deliver the goods for you.


We sent one photo for edit and we are satisfied with the result. Also, not to forget that we received the photo in less than 30 mimutes. If you try this app and not happy with the result, you can ask them to make change(s). Tap on change more to do so.

Photo Edit with MIKU iPhone App


When you sign up for this app, you will get one photo edited for free. Afterwards, you will have to pay $3.99 for each photo. For five pics, you will be charged $14.99. While 5 photos per month plan comes for $9.99, 10 photos for $14.99 and 20 photos for $19.99.

MIKU iPhone App Pricing

You can also invite your friends to use this app—for added benefits. If they sign up using your code, you will get one free job.

Download Miku

The Verdict

Simply put, Miku has adorably stood up to the mark to my test. The best thing about this app is that it allows you to edit your pics to your heart’s liking. Better still, you don’t have to wait for long to get things done.

The other useful feature of this app is that you can have even a single photo edited. If you are someone who loves to send social media on a frenzy and grab a lot of attention, this one can be a hot pick for you. As the photo editor app doesn’t charge anything for your first pick, I would recommend you to give it a try to find out how impressive it really is.

What do you think of this app? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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