Messages App Crashing on iPhone? Fix the Issue Instantly

If the Messages app is crashing or freezing on your iPhone, it might have been affected by a new iMessage hack. Troubleshoot this issue right away by following these steps.

Has your Messages app suddenly started crashing or freezing unexpectedly on your iPhone? If yes, it could be because of a malicious text message that crashes iPhones. Even the device running iOS 10 or later is affected by this nefarious message.

To crash the Messages, attackers just have to send a large file. The moment you tap on the link of the file, the app crashes out. Fortunately, it’s easy to fix this annoying issue.

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Text Messages Crashing on iPhone

How to Fix Text Messages Crashing on iPhone

Step #1. Open Safari on your iPhone and go to

Open in Safari on iPhone

Step #2. Now, it will automatically open the stock Messages app on your device. Besides, you will be directed to a new message screen. You should see a pre-written message in the text field, “I have just saved your iPhone bro ;).”

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Fix Text Message Crashing on iPhone

That’s it! The bug has been fixed. Your Messages app won’t freeze now.

How to Crash Your Friend’s iPhone via iMessage

Note: We urge you to try these steps just for the sake of testing this new iMessage hack. You should avoid sending the malicious file to others.

Step #1. First of all, download the contact file on your iPhone.

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Step #2. Next, you need to upload it to iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

Step #3. Now, send the file to one of your friends via iMessage.

Now, when your friend will tap on the link, his/her Messages app will freeze.

Just a few days ago, some users received spammy iCloud calendar invites with lucrative offers. It was a honey-trap to lure iDevice users and hack their data or blackmail them.

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