If you could change the look and feel of iOS 7 Message app, would you do it? That is precisely what Message Customizer, a new Cydia tweak for iOS 7, lets you do.

The default blue colors of the Message app in iOS 7 are great but what if you could change them to a variety of other combinations? Take a look at all the features in Message Customizer and you’ll probably install it right away.

Message Customizer is a new tweak designed to let you change the look of iOS 7’s message app. From the tweak’s settings, you can change a lot of things. This includes:

The color of the message bubbles: you can change both the colors (of messages sent by you and messages sent by others).

Customize The Look and Style of iOS 7 Message app with Message Customizer Cydia tweak

Here’s a list of Message Customizer Cydia Tweak colors you can pick from:

  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Teal
  • Dark grey
  • Light grey
  • Black
  • SMS and iMessage bubbles can be configured differently.
  • You can add App Tints and gradients although gradients doesn’t look great.

There are several other additions too. For instance, you can add message tails (little tails at the bottom of the message bubbles). You can also enable/disable contact pictures. Bubbles can be widened too.

All the settings are readily available from the tweak’s settings page (Settings → Message Customizer) and they take effect once you restart the message app. You will have to quit (kill) the message app from the switcher.

Customize the Look of iOS 7 Message app using This Cydia Tweak

One of the best things about Message Customizer is that it’s a non-Winterboard based tweak. I think we’re seeing more tweaks come up that do not rely on a theming application like Winterboard – which is great because that means less resources used.

Message Customizer is freely available on the ModMyi repo. It’s iOS 7 compatible but don’t pin your hopes on the tweak working in iPhone 5s. If it does, it’s your luck.

  • Matthew Stroven

    This worked on my phone until the update to the customiser than it made to where I could not view the writing in the SMS box what so ever couldn’t see what they wrote or what I wrote any ideas on fixing running ios 7,0,4 evasi0n7 where got from got many tweaks on my phone like barrel and fancy and bunch others any ideas on how to make it work properly new to cydia love it though