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Meme Machine iOS App Review

Smartphones and tablets connected to the Internet are the best companions of any person, especially teens. People sometimes use and sometimes abuse this technology. However, one thing is sure that they enjoy what they do. The entire phenomenon of Citizen Journalism has developed around this technology. And now the latest sensation is to create and spread funny memes.

Although memes can be created on web browsers, young users need something quick to grab and close at hand. Earlier, we share the post on best GIF creating apps for the iPhone. And today, we are going to talk about the Meme Machine. Meme Machine offers what the young generation requires. This iPhone and iPad app is designed to create funny memes for all occasions. Humor is always a leading factor in any content. Since short videos and music snippets are in vogue, people like to create contents that can be downloaded and consumed easily.

Meme Machine iPhone and iPad Meme Creation App

Fun is always a leading factor in creating contents and sharing it on social media. Keeping this in mind, developers of Meme Machine have created a rich library of pre-loaded videos.

All the videos are divided into four categories: ALL, MOST POPULAR, WHAT’S NEW, and DOWNLOADED.

This makes your browsing of videos super easy. Before you create any meme, you can explore the collection, which includes historical, popular, and latest videos.

To customize a meme, you can add graphics, text, emojis and other stuff to make your meme viral-worthy. Your friends and followers on social media would always love to read and listen to your words and voice.

Before you share your creation, don’t forget to use advanced video editor engine of Meme Machine.

Enough of features! Now let’s create a meme using this app on an iPhone.

How to Use Meme Machine to Create Funny Memes on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. First off, Download and launch Meme Machine on your device.

The interface of this app is a bit awkward; perhaps the developers need to work harder to improve the user interface of this app.

Meme Machine immediately loads all the videos on your phone screen. When you tap on the search button from the top left, you can see categories of videos: ALL, MOST RECENT, WHAT’SNEW, and DOWNLOADED.

The buttons are clumsily set side by side; you cannot scroll horizontally to select each category. To go to the last category, i.e. DOWNLOADED, you need to press each button one after another.

Step #2. You can select any video from any category; tap on the video and the app will download that video, which you can see in the Downloaded section.

NOTE: The downloaded video will not be available in the Photos app on your iOS device.

Step #3. Go to the DOWNLOADED section to see your video.

Download Videos in Meme Machine iOS App

Step #4. Tap on the downloaded video and the app will ask: What do you want to do with “Video Name”?

Four actions will swipe up from the bottom of your device screen. Please note that you can perform only the highlighted actions. The actions vary as per the video you have selected.

Use Meme Machine to Create Funny Memes on iPhone and iPad

Check the four actions below:

  • Music video: Combine your video with the meme music
  • Overlay graphics: Overlay graphics onto the meme video
  • Overlay meme: Overlay the meme video onto your video
  • Cut: Cut from your video to the meme video

By using the above actions, you can create a funny meme, which is worth sharing on your social media wall.


That’s all friends!

Wrapping up…

Meme Machine is touted as the #1 video meme app available on the App Store. This app helps you allow creating memes that stand out in the crowd. Every day, millions of memes are uploaded on media; make sure your meme doesn’t get lost in those overwhelming numbers.

Have you ever used any other meme creating an app on your iOS device? Compare Meme Machine with other apps and share your feedback with us in comment box.

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