This was coming. If there was Instagram for photos and Vine for videos, what about audio? Going by the looks of it, mblog for iPhone could just be the answer.

Dubbed mblog as short for “music blog”, mblog is an iPhone app that lets you share snippets of audio – voice recordings, songs, audio tracks, other music etc. with your friends and network. It’s basically voice microblog for smartphones.

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Music blogging isn’t new. We have had a lot of blogging services offer audio blogging capabilities (Tumblr, Soundcloud etc.) but as a micro-blogging platform, music or audio hasn’t been in focus.

mblog iPhone App Review

It’s a brand new app and obviously, it’s not yet the talk of the town but if it can score, it might very well be a great way to socialize through song snippets, music bits, voice recordings and more.

mblog iPhone App Instagram for Music

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mblog is not designed to be a communcation app like Whatsapp or Viber where you can send voice snippets. On the contrary, mblog is inclined towards a social platform – like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter – but solely for all your music snippets.

mblog lets you record anything from within the app: you can record your voice, a podcast playing elsewhere, a snippet out of a song (or the whole song if you must), or even any sound for that matter. The whole process is very simple (in fact, over-simplified) because all you is tap and hold to record, release to share.

There are no annotations to be added to what you share: it just gets shared on your profile which your friends can view. Your share appears on their news feed and the usual flavors of social interaction – likes/favorites, comments – are all a part of the app.

mblog’s app description also points out that it could be a great platform for beginner-artists who wish to put their music / work out there for their friends to validate. mblog is in every way the essential microblogging platform for audio snippets. It’s the Instagram for songs and audio recordings.

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Price: Free