MAYU iMessage App for iPhone: Create & Send Designed Text in a Fun Way

Wish to make the text look more attractive? Pick out MAYU iMessage App for iPhone and iPad so that each of your messages has the eye-catching charm to bowl over your friends and loved ones. Read on to know what makes this app such a hot deal for your iMessaging!

The introduction of a third-party App Store has made iMessage enormously rich and versatile. Never before had iMessaging seemed to be so exciting!

A couple of days back, while having a fun-loving chat with my friend, I thought of giving a mesmerizing look to messages just to win her over. And that’s when the idea of an animated text crossed my mind. Having explored quite a few options, I found “MAYU” ideally timed to the hot theme of my conversation. And guess what, the iMessage app for iOS has adorably lived up to my expectation since then.

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MAYU iMessage App for iPhone

So, what makes “MAYU” Such A Fine Pick for Your Messaging Time?

The first thing that has grabbed my attention in this iMessage app is the large collection of animated typefaces and frames. They have been beautifully crafted to make your text look awesome. No matter how many times you have viewed them, they continue to look dazzling. It’s all thanks to the top-notch design.

Each frame looks unique and animate wonderfully. They not only liven up the conversation but also bring an instant smile on your face. And this is exactly what you’d want to express all the colors of your emotions, wouldn’t you?

Video Walkthrough

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Pretty Simple Interface

Another feature that has impressed me is the simple user-interface. That means you won’t have to spend a lot of time in mastering this app.

Simply swipe to select a nice font, write a cool message, add glowing background as per your mood to decorate your text and quickly send your own designed animated text.

How to Created and Send Your Own Designed Animated Text via iMessage on iPhone and iPad

Step #1. First and foremost, head over to App Store and download MAYU on your iOS device. It’s priced at $1.99 and available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Step #2. Once you have installed the app, launch Messages app and then open any conversation.

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Step #3. Now, select the MAYU app icon in the app drawer.

Tap on Mayu App Icon in iMessage on iPhone

(If the app drawer is hidden, tap on the App Store icon.)

Step #4. Next, tap on Open.

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Tap Open in Mayu App in iMessage on iPhone

Step #5. It’s time to write a sweet message!

Type Message in Mayu iPhone App

Check out the wide range of fonts and choose the one you like most.

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Change Font in Mayu iPhone App

Don’t miss out on the multiple animated backgrounds. Pick out a nice one to adorn your text.

Change Background in Mayu iPhone App

Step #6. When you have designed your message, hit the upward arrow.

Compose Designer Message in Mayu iPhone App

Step #7. Finally, tap on the send button to send the message to your friend.

Send Animated iMessage using Mayu App on iPhone

That’s pretty much it!

Download MAYU

Have a look at the animated text. Doesn’t it look attractive?

Give a Try to See How Cool the App Is:

When I stumbled upon MAYU and had a glance at what it has an offer, the only thing that stopped me from installing it for a few minutes was the little price. But when I weighed the wonderfully composed typefaces and frames, I just didn’t want to miss out on this one. And I’ve been using the app more often while chatting with friends and found it up to the task.

What’s your take on this iMessage app for iPhone? Would you like using it? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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Jignesh Padhiyar
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