This is insane. Someone just made a Dreamboard theme called Mavericks Mini that turns your iPhone (5, 4S) into a handheld Mac. In fact, it's so much similar that you can call it Mavericks Mini. Well, that's the name of the theme anyway.

Mavericks Mini brings not just the interface of a dock, windows and the menu but also some of the features that were demoed at the WWDC. In fact, you can now experience Mavericks even before it arrives for the Mac.

This is a paid theme that involves a bit of a process when you go about downloading and installing the theme so I want to tell you that this is for people who're really interested in changing the whole interface of their iPhones.

Mavericks Mini Dreamboard Theme for iPhone

Mavericks Mini has been crafted to perfection. From the promo video it's quite clear that almost every aspect of OS X has been ported as a Dreamboard theme that runs on the iPhone. And it's quite amazing the way it works seamlessly.

Mavericks Mini for iPhone 5 and 4S brings not just the interface. It also features the latest features that Apple has in store for Mavericks. These include finder tabs, tags and the lockscreen. Sounds amazing to me.

The theme is aptly named because everything looks exactly like a minified version of OS X Mavericks. The video makes it look like it's easy to access and tap on everything on the screen accurately but with a lot of small text on the menu, I don't know if that works out perfectly. If it does, double points to the developers.

Turn iPhone Into Mac OS X with Mavericks Mini Dreamboard Theme

What astounds me is the detail. It's hard to make themes for iPhone as it is. And it's even harder to port a theme built for the Mac/desktop to a smartphone. But even beyond that, the developers have not only brought it to the smartphone but also done a pretty good job of it.

How To Install Mavericks Mini Dreamboard Theme

Installation is a little complicated. It's not a theme on Cydia (for reasons that I am not aware of).

To install the theme, you'll need to fire up Safari on your iPhone (no Chrome or Dolphin please) and then go to Then tap on Download from the links. You'll have to select your device from the list. If you are using an iPhone 4, choose iPhone 4S. Remember that performance might differ/slack on an iPhone 4.

The theme costs $3.50 and you'll need to have a jailbroken iPhone (obviously) along with Dreamboard and iFile installed via Cydia.

If you do get to install and try the theme, let us know your experience!

Video walk-through of Mavericks Mini Dreamboard Theme