If there was a ‘mammoth’ course on Swift, iOS 8 and Xcode 6, the one you are just reading about might be it. Here’s a huge, Swift+iOS 8 e-learning bootcamp course consisting of 80-hours of videos, 24-courses on Swift and over 70-live-apps created through the course for just $99.

This is the ultimate course you’ll ever need to get started with iOS 8 app development through Xcode 6 and Swift, Apple’s latest programming language. The course has over 1000-hours of rich video content. It costs $2,956 typically but on iGeeksBlog deals, you can grab this for just $99 (for a limited time only).

Swift iOS8 Learning Bundle

What’s In the Course?
The course is a huge bundle of Swift and Xcode 6 lessons through complete practical training. It focuses on Xcode 6 and Swift, Apple’s new language to code iOS 8 apps.

The bundle contains:

  • 24 courses on Swift/iOS 8
  • 80 hours of video content
  • Over 1000 video lessons detailing every little step
  • Create over 70 apps in Xcode 6
  • Exclusive support

You will be building a ton of apps, learning everything practically. Over the course, you will have built 70 apps in Xcode 6. Apps like a social media client, an alarm clock, tons of educational apps, productivity apps and much more.

And not just this. You will also learn:

  • how to submit and upload apps to the Apple App Store
  • how to build a business around Swift
  • how to make great UI designs for the iOS ecosystem
  • how to program faster, better

Swift and Xcode 6 are the hottest languages/frameworks in the industry right now. With demand for Swift developers skyrocketing, this course can be one of the finest things you lay your hands on.

If you’re looking to rapidly scale Swift and start building amazing apps for iOS 8, you can’t miss this course.

How Much?
All the lessons, videos and content comes to just shy of $3000. That’s a really huge amount. But as part of the iGeeksBlog deals package, we’re giving this course for just $99. That’s over 95% off.

You can grab the elearning bundle here for just $99 right away. Hurry up, because this offer lasts for just a few days more.