Martin Hajek is a name to reckon when it comes to iWatch concepts. We’ve posted about a lot of iWatch concept renderings earlier and you’ll notice that a handful of them are by Martin Hajek.

In the new installment, Hajek unveiled a slew of new iWatch renderings. And these look stunning to say the least.

This iWatch is quite interesting because it encapsulates several design factors into one.

For starters, there’s the curved glass which we’ve been talking about for long. Is it the willow glass that Corning has been working on? Perhaps. The smooth finish of the curved glass is set on what looks like shiny metal casing. In essence, it looks very much like the same material that makes the iPhone 5.

iWatch ConceptiWatch Concept ImageiWatch Concept from Martin HajekiWatch Concept Picture

The iWatch renders show the display featuring the clock and nothing else is featured on the display (to hint at other plausible apps or widgets). There is a bulge on the bottom which – odd as it may look – is vital because it houses the speaker and possibly the battery too.

Overall, there are three buttons. Two volume buttons on one side of the iWatch and one power button on the other.

The reason why this iWatch rendering will fly is probably because it encapsulates the entire minimalist philosophy of Apple. There are no unnecessarily lines, features, buttons and stuff. Oh, that reminds me: this iWatch concept also has a FaceTime camera. Cool huh?

Much of the speculation surrounding iWatch features and release date are quite unfounded as yet. While Bloomberg did report a few months back that Apple had some 100 engineers holed up working on something like a smartwatch, it isn’t exactly clear when the prototypes and the final product would be ready for a launch. Even 2014 appears doubtful at the present rate but hints by Tim Cook at the stake holder call did point to some special products coming up in 2014.

Could iWatch be one of them?