Marquee Movies iPhone App

Marquee Movies iPhone App

I may not be a movie buff but do have a liking for good movies apps to catch up with some enticing flicks. Among so many available movies apps, there are only few that are able to prove their true worth on what users expect. While most fall short of being a one stop solution, a few those which do serve the purpose simply fail to impress.

“Marquee Movies, Trailers, Showtimes” boasts of all the features that you can ask for from a top notch movies app for iPhone or iPad. With attractive user-interface together with highly sought after flavors best suited for passionate movie goers, Marquee scores big on all points you may look at it. From letting you know more about your favorite actors to providing you exciting insights about movies, this app has packed in with plenty of spice. Here is more to it.

Browse Upcoming and Released Movies

You can find out which movies are playing in theaters. You can also check out the upcoming movies as well as the popular ones. Marquee will dish you all the flavors you may long to have about movies.

Apart from keeping a close eye on some of the most-awaited flicks, you can browse through the most sought after ones to catch up with nothing less than the very best.

Marquee Movies iPhone and iPad App

Watch Trailers, Photos and Cast Info of Movies

Marquee lets you see trailers, photos movie and cast info. Trailers and cast info speak a lot about whether you need to go for a particular movie or not. Watching attractive photos and coming to know the detailed info about cast will be quite a delectable affair, if you have the penchant for movies and just can’t get enough of them.

Get Theater Listings and Showtime Info

You can easily get the theater listings and showtimes info. And based on the info, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to decide which theater in your area will be a preferred choice for you. All the info you wish will be right there on your iPhone.

You would be thoroughly pleased with its presentation in giving you every bit of info you need. You wouldn’t have to wait much for the searched results as it is not only quick but also provides complete information.

Get to Know About Your Favorite Stars

Fans love to know about their favorite actors. This app will provide you all the information you may want to know such as date of birth, achievements etc.

There are millions of fans who crave to read about the personal lives of their favorite actors. If you are also one of them, it will be a very cool stuff for you.

Discover Movies by Genres

You can discover the genre of movies like, action, adventure. Many people are fond of a particular genre which they prefer to watch more than others. You can easily check out your favorite genre of movies and if they succeed in hitting you off, it wouldn’t be too difficult for you to plan for them.

Gorgeous User Interface

Marquee has a gorgeous interface to keep you charmed throughout your time with it. Though its image resolution could have been toned a bit, it isn’t going to take many points away from it. Attractive graphics coupled with quick results will win you over.

Available For Free

Sometimes, it may not be supported outside USA. Expect it to get rid of this little con soon. Coming in with no price to pay, it is more than just worth to give a try. If you are in quest for an effective movie app to keep you in sync with movies and their scintillating world, it is a tailor-made option for you.

Available for free to download. It requires iOS 7 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Download Marquee

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