How to Mark All iMessages As Read on iPhone or iPad

Messages app in iPhone and iPad keep receiving a number of messages which eventually pile up over the time. And if you ignore to have a look at them, they continue to show how many messages you are yet to check. Not all the messages you receive are worth giving a glance, let alone spending some precious time to check out whether they have any significance or not.

So, how would you mark all the messages you have received as read quickly on your iPhone to save yourself from going through each one of them individually to stop them from displaying as unread? Unlike earlier, you can mark all iMessages and standard text messages on your iPhone in iOS 8 as read with just a few steps.

It might become a little easy to delete unnecessary messages when you know that you had read them all and there is no significance in letting them stay on your device.

Whatever could be the reason you want to spot them as read. Here is how to get it done in a quick time using very simple steps.

How to Mark All iMessages as Read on iPhone and iPad Running iOS 8

Step #1. Launch Messages app.

Step #2. Tap on Edit from the top left corner.

Tap on Edit in iPhone Messages App

Step #3. Tap on Read All from the bottom left corner.

Tap on Read All in iPhone Messages App

That’s it! All the messages have been marked as read. You can repeat these steps as and when you want to do this process.

Watch out quick video to know how to mark all iMessages as read:

Messages app in iOS 8 has got some good-looking enhancements such as; Quick Reply and the ability to delete multiple messages at one go unlike before.

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