You know this is a very good app when it gets mentioned by Tim Cook, on the official apology Apple issued over the Maps fiasco. And seriously, this is late recognition.

Hundred thousands of users are already using MapQuest almost everyday for their live traffic information on the routes they cruise through. Quite a lot of users love the interface, the free voice-guided nav and the turn-by-turn that the app delivers. And frankly, MapQuest is one of those apps that is already a hit.

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No wonder it’s on the top of the list of most people who try to recommend some alternative to Maps. Now that we don’t have Google Maps for iOS yet, there’s got to be some other app which would satisfy the need: and MapQuest is by far the best one for the job.

Mapquest iPhone App

Let’s take a look at what MapQuest offers:

  • Free voice-guided nav
  • Free turn-by-turn directions
  • Gas prices – a relatively new feature that aims to help you save on gas
  • Live traffic – with live-updates refreshed every five minutes
  • Live traffic camera – again, a new feature
  • Easy search function
  • Millions of POIs

What I really like about MapQuest:

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I think the most basic thing that everyone wants from an app is ease of use. If an app is simple – like Google’s Maps for iOS back in the good-old days of iOS 5.1.1 – it’s going to be pretty good. The 3D flyover is just an eyecandy: you use it a few times and then you get bored of it. The real deals are the routes, turn-by-turn, voice-guidance and MapQuest has got all of them for free.


Maps shows a restaurant and when you get there, it’s just an empty block with overgrown grass?

Well, that’s never happened before much. MapQuest has the accuracy you expect out of a Maps app. It’s been deliberately and meticulously data-driven and so there’s a lot of accurate information there.

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  • General: 4.5/5
  • Design/Interface: 4.5/5
  • Functionality/Features: 4/5
  • Usability: 4.5/5

Download MapQuest