The VIP Mailbox feature is not new to Apple. But it is only with iOS 6 that Apple decided to introduce that smart mailbox.

The main purpose of the VIP Mailbox feature is to help you get to your most important mail faster and not miss them among other mails. It is mostly suited for power users who need to manage email in large numbers. For normal users though, handling just about 10-25 important emails a day, the VIP Mailbox can pretty much remain useless. Of course, you can still use it to segregate email from your boss, employees and wife but then, most users find that the VIP mailbox isn’t all that important.

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You can’t Delete The VIP Mailbox on iOS 6 / 6.0.1

At last count, I saw at least five separate threads on Apple Support forums where people ask the same question: how to delete the VIP Mailbox in iOS 6?

The fact is, VIP Mailbox is unlike the label that you create. It can’t be deleted.

The VIP Mailbox is nothing more than a label. It is not going to affect the way your usual inbox looks or behaves. The only functionality it adds, like the Flag label, is that it shows only those emails which are from the people you have designated as VIP from your contact list.

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So How to Manage It?

So you want to get rid of the VIP Mailbox but, quite obviously, it just won’t go. What to do then?

Personally, I feel it is simply best if you ignored the whole thing. With most users who only use a couple of emails from their iPhone or iPad, this should be easy.

But just in case you sync a lot of your email accounts on your iPhone or iPad, the VIP Mailbox label might occasionally come in the way. To make sure this doesn’t happen, you can move the label down.

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To do this:

Manage VIP Mailbox in iOS 6

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  • Open All Mailboxes
  • Tap on Edit
  • Now, hold the three bars and move the VIP MailBox down

While it is unfortunate that you can’t hide the smart mailbox from the list, you can at least move it down so the access to your other mailboxes is faster.