Manage & Protect Your iPhone, iPad and Mac with Bushel

With the growing use of smart gadgets in business, security of data is equally significant for any person. If you are working in a higher position in a large corporation, your iPhone’s value can easily go into the millions since you can operate many important things every day through that single device. In this scenario, Mobile Device Management (MDM) comes handy.

Bushel is Your Security Guard

Bushel Mobile Device Management Solution for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

Bushel manages and protects your Apple devices anytime from anywhere. It is a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad in your workplace. Bushel is designed to make the complex tasks simple so you can focus on business.

Simple & Intuitive

You are focused on managing your business. Technology should not be a headache, rather it should help you run all operations. Bushel increases your productivity by reducing your worries related to your business’ sensitive and precious data. With Bushel, you can easily set up, manage and protect your iPhone, iPad and Mac easily anytime, from anywhere. For business owners who don’t have knack for technology, Bushel is created as a simple and intuitive way to manage Apple devices, so they can relax during weekends and vacations.

Keep an Eye on All Devices

As a business owner, you should be in the know about who is using which device. Bushel can help you manage your iPhones, iPads and Macs, so you can keep an eye on everything: serial numbers, capacity of the device, settings and apps installed on devices, model numbers, date on which devices were added to the system, hardware addresses, IP addresses and more.

Install Apps in Multiple Devices

How simple would it be if you can install apps in multiple Apple devices simultaneously? Now it is actually hassle-free with Bushel, which automatically installs apps from the App Store and Mac App Store to your iPhone, iPad and Mac. It is very easy to manage all your free apps; if you want to go for paid apps, enroll with Apple’s Volume Purchasing Program (VPP), through which you can buy apps in bulk and get extra features to help streamline app distribution. Apps purchased using the VPP can then be revoked from Apple IDs, keeping your investment within your organization.

Easy Configuration of Email Accounts

Is configuring email accounts killing you? Now, it is no longer a boring task; Bushel does it easily on all your devices. Whether you are using Microsoft Exchange or Google Mail, Yahoo! Mail or any other IMAP or POP mail accounts, Bushel can easily configure your company mail accounts.

Connect Devices with Secured Wireless Network

Connect your Apple devices on your Wi-Fi network settings. You can configure your devices automatically on a secured wireless networks. Bushel supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 security and you can add unlimited networks with Bushel. Your employees will thank you for saving them from typing in those Wi-Fi passwords everytime.

Secure Your Data

Today the business world is driven by data, and therefore, the security of your valuable data is a prime concern. If your data falls into the wrong hands, it can wreak havoc on your business. With Bushel, you can be worry-free about your data even if your devices are lost or stolen. You can easily lock your devices remotely or you can erase all data so that no one can misuse it. You can set passcodes on your devices and control the time before a device locks.

Bushel – Anytime, Anywhere

Manage your business from anywhere, anytime. Bushel is a 100% responsive app, which provides you with a seamless experience to manage your devices when you want, wherever you are.


Bushel Mobile Device Management Solution for Mac, iPhone, and iPad

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Bushel Mobile Device Management Solution for Mac, iPhone, and iPad
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