Negotiations About Apple Store with an Israeli Property Developer Break Down

Apple's stubborn approach to the mall owners in Israel prevents the company from striking deals for retail stores. According to Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper, mall owners are not willing to welcome Apple to their retail space.

Apple has been scouting ideal locations to open its store in Israel. After exploring Tel Aviv for one or two years, the tech giant found Azrieli Sarona Tower – a 61-story skyscraper.

However, before the things take shape, negotiations with the mall owners collapsed as both the parties failed to meet financial terms.

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Mall Owners in Israel Unwilling to Agree to Apple’s Terms & Conditions

According to Haaretz, mall owners in Israel do not accept the terms and conditions set by Apple – a company that always takes advantage (or disadvantage) of its brand image when it comes to the opening of a retail store.

Apple is known to make demands like bearing expenses of iPhone ads and “marketing and inventory costs.” The tech giant knows that an Apple Store in a mall will increase the footfalls. Moreover, the high net worth of potential consumers will undoubtedly add value to the retail location.

For this reason, Apple sometimes demands free rent for a significant period from mall owners. It is obvious that mall owners would never approve such demands.

As per the report from an Israeli newspaper, the mall owner has rejected Apple’s terms and conditions. Since all mall owners do not comply with Apple’s terms, the Cupertino company has dropped the idea of opening a retail store in Tel Aviv.

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The iPhone maker has taken a firm stance in Israel as they want to open stores on its terms and conditions. Interestingly, Apple’s inflexible terms and conditions have failed to achieve any results in Stockholm and Sweden. The company is not willing to make any amendment in its conditions, nor they want to explore other locations.

This adamant approach by Apple has invited criticism from all corners. Users, who continuously follow online media, censured this unyielding attitude as

“Total arrogance and over the top greed.” Another reader rants, “Why does Apple want to leech from those people who aren’t as financially secure as them?”

Signing off…

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Is it the right time for Apple to show such arrogance? The company is facing setbacks in the form of its ‘Show Time’ event and declining sales of iPhones. Apple needs to change its entire policy statements drastically and must emerge from these turbulent situations.

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