How To Make Your iOS 8 Device Read Text For You

The latest operating system boasts of a good many upgraded as well as updated features. The reading feature in iOS 8 has been upgraded much to the likes of users. Unlike before, it provides plenty of options that help make reading quite convenient in accordance with the need of different users.

Some people have natural difficulty of reading a text, some are disable due to blindness. Moreover there are times, people just want something or someone to read for them for whatever reasons. Here is how to do so. First and foremost, you have to set up the device before it is able to read for you.

How to Make iOS Device Read Text Out Loud for You:

Step #1. Open Settings.

Step #2. Tap on General.General Settings on iPhone iPadStep #3. Tap on Accessibility.Accessibility Settings on iPhone iPadStep #4. Tap on Speech.Accessibility Speech Settings on iOSStep #5. Turn on Speak Selection and Speak Screen.Turn on Speak Selection Speak Screen(Note: Remember, Speak Selection reads only the selected text and Speak Screen reads the entire text on the screen.)

Step #6. Tap on Voices.

Step #7. Tap on the Language you want the device to read for you.Tap on Voices in iPhone-iPad
Step #8. Here you have ——-1- Default, 2- Enhanced Quality, 3-Speaking Rate.Default Voice Settings in iOSThe Default option reads text in a general way as set by the developer.

Enhanced Quality option reads text using regional dialects or accents.

The Speaking Rate option lets you decide the speed ( how fast or how slow) with which you want the text to be read. The turtle icon is ‘slower’ and rabbit icon is ‘faster’.

If you want the device to read the contents in general accent, let the Default option remain on. But if you want the device to read the contents with regional dialects, tap on Enhanced Quality.

You are done! Now go back to speech. Here you see two options:

  1. Highlight Content
  2. Speak Auto-text

Highlight Content option highlights contents as they are spoken and Speak Auto-text which automatically speaks auto-corrections as well as auto-capitalizations. You can turn them on if you want depending on your use.

Now your device is all geared up to read for you.

If you are in Notes or Reminders, follow these steps to make the device read for you:

Step #1. Tap and hold on any word
Step #2. Tap on Select/Select All

( Select lets you select a particular word, whereas Select All lets you select all the text)

Tap on SpeakStep #3. Tap on Speak

If you are in Safari, iMessages or Mail, follow these steps:

Step #1. Tap on any word you want the device to read
Step #2. Tap on Speak

Tap on Speak in iOSThe reason why I have mentioned two different methods here is that a lot of folks may get confused after not finding Speak when they tap and hold on any word in Notes and Reminders.

Speak Screen
Speak Screen is a new feature in iOS 8. It makes reading the entire text on the screen so simple.

Here is how you can make your iPhone/iPad read out the whole screen to you:

Step 1: Just swipe down the screen with two fingers from top to bottom
While swiping down the screen, keep the two fingers apart. Else, it may pull down notification center. That’s all.