iOS 6 is buggy, I tell you. Sure, it comes with some cool features that are great: Facebook integration, for instance. But with Wi-Fi and 4G problems, with no Google Maps and with some additional problems with FaceTime, iOS 6 (and the update, 6.0.1) are still not the “perfect iOS experience” that you’d expect.

The lucky ones that haven’t yet updated to iOS 6 can still have a taste of the interface elements with a simple and elegant Winterboard iOS 6 theme. This is for those who are on iOS 5, don’t want to update to iOS 6 but want the eyecandy that makes iOS 6 somewhat drastically different from iOS 5. Well, the interface is not immediately different but notable differences include iTunes, Phone app, the Passbook icon, the dashboard icons etc.

Make iOS 5.1.1 Look Like iOS 6

In order to get this theme, users need to have a jailbroken iPhone (running iOS 5.x). Here’s what the theme brings:

  • Dialer
  • Music Player
  • Maps
  • Clock
  • Preferences
  • Passbook icon
  • Wallpapers

Let’s install Winterboard iOS 6 theme:

Step 1: We assume that your iPhone 4/4S is already jailbroken. If your iPhone is not jailbroken, here is how to jailbreak it.

Step 2: Install Winterboard through Cydia (to install Winterboard, all you do is search for it on Cydia and install it.)

Step 3: Once you’ve installed Winterboard, you simply look for a theme called “iOS 6 Theme” and download it.

Step 4: Having downloaded the theme, open Winterboard (from the springboard) and the choose “Select Themes”

Step 5: The theme you just downloaded shows up on the list. Tap on it and the theme will get installed automatically.

Step 6: Open the Phone app to check if the theme has installed correctly.

Below is a video tutorial that will walk you through how to install iOS 6 Theme:

The theme is a retina-capable theme and on the description, it says it supports only retina devices; that means iPhone 4 and 4S. The iPhone 5 of course comes with iOS 6 built-in.

Winterboard is a great theming app for iPhone. Although the “iOS 6 Theme” brings the looks of iOS 6 to your iPhone, it does not bring complete functionality. For instance, the Dialer works with the new interface but the Passbook icon is just a dummy.

Still, all’s fine.