macOS Mojave Features: Bang On Providing Enhanced Performance

macOS 10.14 is here! And, we can't help having a close look at all the macOS Mojave features that have been designed to offer improved performance, enhanced stability and more security to Mac. Take a walk along with us and let us know if the OS has lived up to your expectation!

Expectedly, Apple has previewed macOS Mojave at WWDC 2018. Though the operating system hasn’t got too many new features, it’s designed to be more secure and offers smooth performance. However, that doesn’t mean it’s completely devoid of impressive features. So before arriving at any conclusion, it would be worth to take a close look at macOS 10.14 Mojave features.

To me, what has headlined for macOS is the Dark Mode that’s certainly going to liven up the viewing experience by a long shot. Though Dynamic is also getting plenty of traction. Jump over to discover what’s more the macOS Mojave has lined up for you!

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macOS Mojave Features

Dark Mode

Mojave features a more proficient “Dark Mode” that works throughout the interface. You can use this highly useful feature in a number of apps like Photos, Messages, Pages, Calendar, Mail etc. One notable feature is that wallpaper changes dynamically in this mode, thereby enhancing your viewing experience.

Dynamic Desktop

The macOS features “Dynamic Desktop” that automatically changes the desktop throughout the day. Thanks to the “Desktop Stacks,” you can easily organize your desktop with ease. It lets you automatically arrange files by date, tag, type etc.

Gallery View in Finder

Finder has got “Gallery View” that feature a preview window and there is a scroll bar along the bottom. It has a new sidebar that displays metadata and comes with quick actions such as routing and markup.

Another notable feature that has enriched Finder is the contextual sidebar that automatically changes based on file type like documents, images, etc.

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All New Apps

Mac has got quite a few all-new apps like Stocks, Apple News, Voice Memos. There is also a Home app to let you control HomeKit enabled accessories. Even better, you can now use Siri on your Mac to perfectly control your HomeKit accessories.

With the arrival of apps like Apple News, Stocks and Home, Apple has just started to move towards a future where there will be universal apps to offer seamless experience!

Continuity Camera

“Continuity Camera” is one of my favorite features that have arrived in the Mojave. Now, when you snap a photo on your iOS device, it will show up on your macOS device. With the on-screen controls, you can select screenshot tools.

Security and Privacy

The macOS provides improved security and privacy to your data. It offers you more shield in the way apps use your data. For instance, the access to your Camera, Microphone, and confidential information have got better protection.

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You have the option to make Safari disable social buttons such as, like, share and even comment. Moreover, the operating system allows you to show only simplified information for more security that also prevents tracking.

Redesigned Mac App Store

The Mac App Store has got a major revamp. The interface looks pretty similar to that of the iOS. It has got a new sidebar and is also geared towards offering neat curation. Moreover, it features standalone tabs for several things like discover, create, work, play, develop and video previews.

20x Faster

Powered by metal GPU, the macOS runs up to 20x faster than its predecessor. So, if you had been hankering for speed, you have a reason to feel really glad!

That’s all there is to it!

Stay tuned

Go ahead and explore all the features of the macOS. It would be really nice to have your feedback about the OS and how much impressed are you with it.

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