MacBook Pro Touch Bar Functions: Amazing Things that OLED Panel Can Do

Apple has once again changed the rules of the game with the introduction of "Touch Bar" on the new MacBook Pro. Here are the most interesting functions that the OLED panel can do on your Mac.

By introducing “Touch Bar” with the new MacBook Pro, Apple has once again changed the way we use or look at the laptop. The OLED panel has not just made the MBP more versatile but also set it apart from the rest. You had better see it…to believe it… The only one word that can truly describe the magic of Touch Bar is nothing but—Incredible!

The OLED panel can carry out a number of functions. Let’s tap into what it can do and how it is going to transform your user-experience on MBP!

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MacBook Pro Touch Bar

MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar Functions: Most Interesting Things that the OLED Panel Can Do on Mac

The Control Strip

The Control Strip has been located at the ride side of the Touch Bar. You can fully customize it. As for instance, you will be able to hide the controls or even remove them.

The Control Strip can carry out a number of functions like Volume controls (mute button, volume up, and volume down), Screen brightness (up and down), playback control (rewind, forward, play, pause), Siri, Launchpad, Mission Control. Moreover, when you hold down the FN button, it transforms itself into standard Function keys.

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With the use of Touch Bar, you can comfortably access all the functionality of Photos app. For example, you can Edit pictures, Crop, Rotate, Filters, Lighting adjustments, Retouch, Straighten

View albums and collections in a preview on the Touch Bar. It lets you Favorite photos with a “Heart” button, Access playback controls for videos and more.


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iMessaging has just become more entertaining than ever before. The OLED panel now offers Tapback for bubble effects, emoji –perfectly organized by categories, Predictive text/text suggestions, emoji suggestions.


Touch Bar consists of all the functions that Finder does. As for instance, View Options, FaceTime, Share, View (icons, list, columns, and cover flow), New Folder, Back/Forward, Quick Look, New Folder with Selections, New Window, New tab, Move to trash, Connect to server, Open With, Go to, Move to, Copy to, Get info.

Final Cut Pro X

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Making the most of Touch Bar, you can do Audio editing (volume, effects), Timeline Scrubbing, Video Trimming, Create and assign roles, Drag to reorganize roles, Playback controls and more. It will let you use Apple’s video editing software more comfortably.


Photoshop is also compatible with Touch Bar. Hence, you can do a number of functions like enable Full-screen mode, Brush control, Change blend mode, Access to Favorites folder, Color changer, Zoom, Select and Mask, Resize, Layers, Scroll through changes, Blending options and more.

djay Pro

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With the OLED panel, you can use Algoriddim—the music mixing app a lot smartly. Functions like Sampler, Effects, Filters, Scratch, Find queue points using Wave, Synth pads, Sync tracks, Loop.Time signature etc can be done with ease.


Siri has got a dedicated button on the Touch Bar. In terms of functionality, you can use it launch apps, search files and ask it to answer queries.


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Touch Bar has made using Mail app a pleasant affair. You can now use the OLED panel with the functions like write new mail, reply, Emoji (including categories), Predictive text/text suggestions, send, Text Formatting (Bold, Italics, Underline), Copy, Paste, Contact suggestions, Compose Message, Flag email, Move To, Archive message.


With Touch Bar, you can now, Add location, Add new event, Accept an invite, Add Time and even be able to scroll through events by day and more.


With the OLED panel, you will really enjoy using Safari on your Mac. For example, you can easily access Bookmarks, recently visited sites, new tab, new window or even scrub through tabs.

Touch ID

Touch ID works smartly as an integral part of Touch Bar. It has been integrated with the Power Button which is located at the right side of the Touch Bar.

Touch ID comes with a T1 Secure Enclave in order to encrypt your fingerprint and provide more security. You can now use Touch ID to log in, switch user accounts. and even be able to pay using Apple Pay on the Web. Better still, it supports multiple fingerprint identities.

Quick Type

Quick Type suggests words in accordance with what you type. It functions very much like it does on iOS devices. As for instance, it will function as Predictive type, suggest emoji suggestions (in Message, suggest contacts, emails.)

That’s done!

The charismatic Touch Bar can do a lot more than what we have mentioned here. Go ahead and explore it as much as possible on your new MBP.

What do you think of new MacBook Pro and Touch Bar? Feel free to share your views in the comments below.

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